Attempts to end the crisis in the country and access to safety .. Representatives continue their sit-in does not close a session of parliament .. and infallible meet with faction leaders

Posted 18/04/2016 07:37 PM

As Iraqis awaited the meeting of the House of Representatives amid disagreements between the House of Representatives on who presides over its, he continued MPs sit in the time of the President of the Republic of Iraq a series of meetings with the heads of political blocs out an adequate solution to the political crisis faced by the country since last week when the Prime Minister presented his booth ministerial the second was met with almost total rejection of by most of the political blocs. This comes at a time when Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on the parliament to convene immediately to help develop solutions to the challenges and vote on the new government formation, which he said will include personalities enjoying competencies and expertise away from the political quota system, taking into account the various Iraqi people sliced ​​representation. Since the early morning hours and resolving the standoff Search President Fuad Masum, with the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and president of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki and President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, and the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri and president of a coalition united Osama Najafi, separately, overcome the current political crisis in Iraq and work to overcome the current political crisis. He said that the presidential «infallible statement in the framework of interviews conducted with a number of state leaders, parties and blocs to exchange views and work to overcome the current political crisis, he visited al-Jaafari and al-Maliki and al-Amiri and Najafi, both individually». The Masum yesterday visited Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, to discuss the current political crisis and how to get out. According to the prime minister's office said «Abadi received infallible, and discussed with him the security and political situation and the victories achieved on Daash terrorist gangs and the importance sustain the momentum of these victories». He added that he «has confirmed the need to provide political stability and out of the divisions and differences and carry out the House of Representatives legislative and supervisory role». The meeting also stressed «the importance that the government will continue its work for the management of the war and to provide security and services to citizens and address the economic and financial situation and the challenges facing the country as a result of the collapse of global oil prices, solutions and strategies to move the country to the right path». The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has delivered a speech on Monday morning to the Iraqis and the public demand for reform which stressed that the reshuffle would be expected from the figures enjoyed competencies and expertise away from the political quota system, taking into account the different segments of the Iraqi people's representation. He added, «We will continue this path, relying on their support, which deserves our appreciation and gratitude, and mention here that the ministerial change is only a link in the overall reforms, in addition to the change of independent bodies and agencies to choose characters from the competencies and expertise away from the political quota system, taking into account the people sliced ​​representation various Iraqi ». He stressed saying «I look forward to being able the House of Representatives that the legislative and supervisory role to the fullest and to vote on cabinet reshuffle in the coming days, as soon as possible, as well as vote on the independent bodies and agencies at a later stage». He was President Fuad Masum had discussed yesterday the first Sunday with House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the ministerial change. A source in the office of the President of the House of Representatives: "The al-Jubouri, received here infallible and discussed during the meeting, reforms cab file cabinet and the need to speed up the implementation of the aspirations of the Iraqi people." The Presidency has announced that "President Fuad Masum will hold talks and meetings with leaders of various political forces chain to calm the situation and resolving the political situation."