Yaraes Prime Minister. Kill the crisis and complete the fixups!

Date: Tuesday, 19-04-2016 05:24 am

Tariq Harb-legal expert
His Excellency the President of dialogues on 17/4/2016, with politicians from Prime Minister and heads of political blocs and the heads of parliamentary blocs, and other figures, surpassing the visits and meetings the President and all his interviews, since becoming President, in addition to the activity of the President breaking custom protocols,
So go himself to those mentioned, this was a pretty significant breakage because of the embargo imposed on them, that the President is an interview at his residence, not the President going in places of residence.
The reason for the activity the President this great and serious topic, the crisis facing Iraq, and may be more beautiful and greatest jalala gathering, and legally accurate, if it took the first person in the State under the Constitution, a Prime Minister, take on ending this crisis, that the Constitution mandated all authorities and powers and jurisdiction in the State, and not left to other State officials, either President or Prime Minister or special grades, little ones, it possesses all the powers defined by the Constitution Him from being Prime Minister, being managed by the Council of Ministers, and as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces as defined by the Constitution (art. 78), the Prime Minister has powers that were not mentioned in the Constitution, and likewise unclear, his appointment of proxy holders of special grades of Secretaries, advisers and inspectors and two managers and heads of independent bodies and the members of those bodies, and other holders of special grades, and the authority of the Prime Minister, the general provision as contained in article (78), Which were considered Prime, Chief Executive of direct State policy, being responsible and accountable executive directly responsible for the policy and responsible State, makes its competence to address the imbalance, it is responsible for ending this crisis, it is also responsible for lghashghal candidates form the Minister deems necessary, which appreciate, is that the candidates of technocrats, not technocrats fake mixed with political quotas, it is true that the Prime Minister was upset by the effects that got his first ministerial handed To Parliament on March 31, 2016, due to interference almhassi who appeared in the two meetings held for the three presidencies, and the heads of political blocs in the Presidency, after presenting a closed list, but rather that the dashing Prime Minister strongly complete reform, achieving legitimate Government of technocrats, and renouncement of Government technocrats spoofed and blended with political quotas