Obama agrees to send 200 troops and Apache helicopters to contribute to the battle of liberation of Mosul
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad revealed a global agency news, on Monday, for the approval of the US president to send more than 200 new troops to Iraq , special forces, trainers and technicians, while allowing the use of "Apache" aircraft for the first time there against (Daash), usually it will enable US forces to provide advice and support "more effective" Iraqi units in the battle of Mosul. the agency said Alassocheatdberas AP US, in a report I followed ( the long - Presse), "President Barack Obama approved the deployment of more than 200 additional troops in Iraq with sending helicopters Apache combat for the first time in the war against Daash in Iraq , "noting that" it was after weeks of discussion with Iraqi officials, in the framework of implementation of President Obama 's decision to increase the number of US troops authorized in Iraq by next year in 2017, three thousand and 870 to four thousand and 87 soldiers. " the agency added that" the new plan , which is expected to continue for weeks, Stvsah for the first major increase in US forces in Iraq almost a year ago , "indicating that" the Obama administration announced in June 2015 the past, expressed its willingness to deploy hundreds of troops to help Iraqis in Ramadi recover before the end of this year. " it quoted by AP, US officials, saying that" most of the force proposed additional comprising elements of the special forces used to provide advice and assistance to the Iraqis, as well as coaches with the security agents to protect advisers and technical team for additional maintenance Apache helicopters , "pointing out that" the team to the advice and assistance of more than 12 element, accompanied by elements of the security forces, will be integrated with each brigade or Iraqi battalion to be close to the battlefield. " According to US officials, ARD who the agency did not reveal their identities, the" near advisors from the battlefield will enable the US team to provide advice tactical more effective Iraqi units as it moves toward Mosul, "Adin that the presence of Apache helicopters (azimuthal) involves a substantial interest in any attack on Mosul." revealed Alassocheatdberas, for "the US defense secretary, Ashton Carter, inform stationed at Baghdad airport , US forces on Monday that Washington would send artillery systems , missile new Iraq , "indicating that" Carter 's remarks came after several meetings he had with the military and their Iraqi counterparts leaders on how to make the United States helping Iraq to prop up his battle to recover Mosul. " the US defense secretary, arrived in Baghdad on Monday to visit the surprise visit was not previously disclosed, to discuss several issues with Iraqi officials, especially the fight against al (Daash). the newspaper Stars and Stervs, the US approved the Department of defense (Pentagon), confirmed in a report on Monday, seen by the (long - Presse), the US defense secretary 's visit to Baghdad, comes days after a visit by President Barack Obama to Saudi Arabia, while facilities for Carter official confirmed that the battle to liberate Mosul before represents the end game in Iraq, expected to make recommendations to provide reinforcements from special forces to help Iraqi forces in the fight against (Daash). the New York Times (the New York Times the US), confirmed in a report in ( the thirtieth of January 2016), followed (long - Presse), that Washington believes that the "blow and lasting blow" directed to organize (Daash) requires sending trainers and additional forces are working on the ground with the Iraqi Kurdish and Syrian opposition counterpart, attributed to the pursuit of the Obama administration "to dispel doubts" US public opinion on the feasibility of intervention "deeper" against the organization in the Middle East. previously the same newspaper, that confirmed in the (26th January 2016), on the United States to study the possibility of deployment of its forces in military sites in northern Iraq, in preparation for the Liberation of Mosul after the success achieved in Ramadi, (110 km west of Baghdad), indicating that one of the points , " the mission and core" , which will be raised between Washington and Baghdad over the proximity in which it will be US trainers and advisers to Iraqi military forces and the Peshmerga forces during the expected attack. http://www.sotaliraq.com/newsitem.php?id=327771