Statement by the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi on comprehensive reforms of government and ministerial amendment

| (Voice of Iraq) - Statement by the name of Allah the Merciful assure the people of our dear people and fans who demanded reform , we will continue this path , relying on their support , which deserves our appreciation and gratitude, and mention here that the ministerial change is only a link in the overall reforms in addition to the change of independent bodies and agencies to choose characters from the competencies and expertise away from the political quota system , taking into account the various Iraqi people sliced ​​representation, and I look forward to being able the House of Representatives that the legislative and supervisory role to the fullest and to vote on cabinet reshuffle in the coming days and as soon as possible, as well as vote on the independent bodies and agencies a later stage. the war against gang Daash along with security and economic challenges facing Iraq require the unification of efforts to overcome them and rid our people of their consequences on the Iraqi economy, where the government is making efforts and continuing efforts to negotiate with the international banking and economic institutions to support the Iraqi economy and contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of citizens and motivate economy , which has experienced a significant shortfall in its core resources as a result of the collapse of world oil prices, and therefore I call on the Council of Representatives to convene immediately to overcome the obstacles and to contribute to developing solutions to the challenges facing the country, and we are confident that Iraq will emerge from crises stronger than it was and are optimistic of a better future for our people Aziz and our nation. Dr. Haidar al - Abadi Prime Minister of April 18, 2016