Urgent parliamentary bloc mobilizes to dismiss Abadi afford a political crisis in the country

Monday 18-04-2016
| 11:54:26
Twilight News / saw a cluster solution parliamentary affiliated to the Federation of Iraqi forces that the word Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi today reveal the plot size to the Iraqi parliament and the unity of the recipe.
He called Abadi earlier in the day the House of Representatives to overcome the obstacles and accelerate to hold its meeting in order to vote on the cabinet reshuffle government cabins new.
Ebadi said that " the cabinet reshuffle is only a link in the overall reforms in addition to the change of independent bodies and agencies to choose characters from the competencies and expertise away from the political quota system , taking into account the various Iraqi people segments represent."
said MP Mohammad al - Karbouli Prime bloc in an interview with Lord of twilight News , The attempt to escape Abadi forward and distance himself from the Iraq crisis , which is why it was, would not absolve him of accounting or sooner than later.

Karbouli confirmed that the frequency and the fluctuation of the prime minister and his loss of vision of reform is to enter parliament in a tunnel division, "but everyone both in the House of Representatives of the protesters and MPs others agree on the need for the dismissal of Dr. Abadi Prime Minister to stop wasting time and dealing with crises that cause them."

He stressed that "the attempt to portray Abadi political crisis as a crisis cabinet reshuffle is an attempt to throw dust in the eyes and convince the citizen and the Libyan religious leaders and political forces that the only reformer with that all the facts reflect the reality in crisis."

The head of the parliamentary bloc of the solution; "parliamentary blocs and the House of Representatives of the protesters to unify positions within the parliament to respond to the Abadi project to split the unity of the legislative authority and agree on a roadmap for the organization to change the prime minister and the rest of presidencies that it took it."