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Since 04.18.2016 at 09:32 (Baghdad time)

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Publish / balances News / details visit of the Iraqi delegation at the crossroads of Canada to represent Iraq in the work of the Canadian Arab Commercial Conference.

Where he headed the Iraqi delegation in Canada on 12 and April 13 after the City of Toronto to Ottawa to represent Iraq in the work of the Canadian-Arab Trade Conference held in Ohtae in Alformont hotel and attended by the Iraqi side head of the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji minister Ali Sindi, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Kurdistan Regional Government and Ambassador Abdul Karim heel Iraq's ambassador to Canada and the economic Council Saeed stoker and Baqir al-Mashat and Ghadir Attar and Mr. Abdul Razak comprehensive and Mohammed Sadeq al-Hir and Mohammed Tariq chairman of the Union of cooperative Societies and a number of members of the Union and a number of Iraqi businessmen attended.

This has Araji spoke of "investment reality and the opportunities for investment and cooperation between the Iraqi and Canadian companies and touched on a number of executed in Iraq of investment projects, including the project Basmajh residential Alastosmarauan Iraqi Forum of Canada and the challenges of the investment environment and what has been his legal and procedural efforts to overcome these obstacles."

Then Sindi spoke of "the investment reality in the region and spoke Sandra Lee Planck, director of the Canadian Arab coordinate actions in the Middle East on the plans and opportunities offered by Canadian companies to work in the Middle East, especially the Arab countries spoke Hai Donal Prime Hai Company Donal Canada for the measures taken by the government Canadian support for the private sector and the opening of markets in the Middle East and projects implemented in each of the Kurdistan Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Pakistan. "

Then Basil ashé president of global cooperation and partnership between Canada of Education spoke about the reality of the investment opportunities in the field of education, colleges and universities and the partnership between Canadian universities and Arabahotbadl experiences and missions between them.

In the evening session was to thank the Iraqi delegation and representatives of Sami al-Araji, the minister Sindi and the Iraqi ambassador to the organizing committee and supporting companies.

Then the Iraqi delegation representing the Iraqi Economic Council to provide guidance Memorial behalf of the Council and provide clarity Shammari Councillor definition Messrs honorees.

Where he was awarded Sami al-Araji tender Shield presented by Baqer Mashat board member Economic Council Alaracakma been submitted shield the Iraqi Economic Forum Canada has been providing tender Shield Minister Ali Sindi foot behalf of the Council Mohammed Tariq Chairman of the General Union for cooperation in Iraq, as well as tender as the Iraqi Economic Council Ambassador shield Sakmona Canada's ambassador in Iraq.

As it has been providing tender Shield Ambassador Abdul Karim heel by Mr. Ghadir Attar, a member of the Iraqi Economic Council in addition to the tender Shield Consul General Jean-Philippe commercial attache at the Embassy of Canada in Iraq.

And then the Council in cooperation with the Iraqi ambassador personally distribute Iraqi dates , which brought with it the delegation from Baghdad. It ended 29/4 e