Allawi: these tips to save Iraq's economy by the central bank

Allawi: This is our advice to save Iraq's economy by the central bank
By: Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

(Honest tips for the current governor of the Central Bank Mr. Ali Keywords to save the economic situation - the sequel to respond to a message Keywords) (Episode IV)
I do not, seeking detracting from you or mention Mt, but I also said in my first message to you my goal to save the country and alleviate the suffering of our dear and honorable people and educate them, they deserve our sacrifice and all altruism Balgali and cheap to rid them what awaits them from the Carpathians and the difficulties and Aptlaouat days Mdelhmat as he is coming ones; I I know that your success means success and saved the country and save his family, which can be waiting for them from an unknown fate, so I suggest you some suggestions that worked out were you success and evolution, and the country's advancement and prosperity, and citizens the good and the salvation of a large and alleviate their suffering; that these proposals are the tip of the iceberg that I took it carried out a large part of your country you have the right and the right of our honorable us, and these proposals are as follows:
1. To form a committee of the finest economists Iraqis inside and outside Iraq to arrange for a call for a global conference economist, calls it the finest global economic from various global academic institutions and economic advisory consultants from various world bodies interested in Iraqi affairs in general and the economic situation in particular, and will be one of the most important tasks of this committee choose at least six international figures as advisers, two specialize monetary policy and two specialize fiscal policy and two specialize economic policies, that have extensive experience in their field and played outstanding in their countries' role in times of financial and economic crises, and can cooperate with authorities various world that remind below and consult them for the diagnosis of these characters, and pay these amounts rewarding to do studies on the economic situation in Iraq and the prospects for the future and how to get out of the crisis with minimal losses, the Iraqi Committee shall provide them with all the requirements of all the official bodies and non-official in Iraq.
2. This committee will study all the functions of global organizations that can assist Iraq in its current crisis and to study the reality of each organization and areas that can serve Iraq in this situation, it is to communicate to these organizations through Iraqi embassies, the Iraqi trade and accessories efficient (where, unfortunately, many of which lack the presence of staff efficient because of corruption in the selection of an Iraq in institutions outside Iraq in international forums) and the personal encounter of these organizations and engage with them on how to help Iraq in its crisis, and calls directed them to attend the conference to be his residence. One of these organizations, but are not limited to the various United Nations organizations, which have economic coca, the World Bank and the four entities associated with it, which established every one of them for different purposes as a body for International Development and the International Organization for financing international Investment Guarantee Agency and the International Center for Investment Disputes, which can Iraq testimony in fields different economic, and the international Monetary Fund, the European Organization for economic cooperation and development, and the World trade Organization, and the international Institute of finance, and the international Chamber of Commerce, the World trade Center, and economic Organization for economic cooperation and development, and the World economic Forum and other international organizations that can provide advice and support to the Iraqi economy the deteriorating situation in Iraq.
3. Conference of the planned could continue for three days, followed by a workshop for a period of not less than one week is a different government agencies and economic issue an invitation from the Ministry of Finance to the planning to the oil industry, agriculture and irrigation, trade and investment authorities and representatives of the provincial councils.
4. holds the Global Advisory personalities in charge of the work of the various policies to develop their proposals based on the conference and to the workshop and subsequent work, and offers these standardized recommendations, where it is likely that there is a conflict because of the different disciplines, you must attain a unified proposals take into account all the actors to put monetary policies the financial and economic harmonious and integrated in order to promote the country and protect it from an unknown and dangerous future awaits him and can soak in it; if it succeeded in establishing such a conference and was able to put the right recommendations to save the country, and worked out as governor of the Central Bank as well as the government, Vsakhald your name in history and going to spend eternity the name of each who contributed to the plan and had a role in saving the country from a dangerous future awaits us if we fail to provide the necessary solutions in a timely manner.
5. constitute a follow-up committee to implement the recommendations, and be invited for a meeting between stakeholders on a regular basis (approx once every three months) to follow up the developments and achievements, constraints and changes and future prospects, it is also invited to the same conference a year later to assess the experience and follow up the achievements and development of new recommendations.
6. not be chosen this relatively large number as six global consulting personalities or this multi vain actors, Expectations for future changes in the economic equation does not apply to (1 + 1 = 2), the large number of influential and difficult to predict and the difficulty of planning elements. For example, a few days ago disrupted the so-I called (a deal era), a buy Allergan (Allergan Inc.) Irish by Pfizer Inc (pfizer company) and the American pharmaceutical industry and the merger at $ asymptotic's 160 billion US dollars over a decision by US President Obama to take new action on tax evasion and the issuance of new tax instruction in this matter, and incurred Pfizer amount of 150 million dollars as expenses effect stopped the deal that configuration took them more than five months, it was almost unanimous that disable this deal will lead to a decline in shares of Pfizer prices due to the loss of an important opportunity to achieve significant future profits after the monopolies market global drugs and because of the losses they have suffered, but the opposite happened, where stepped Pfizer shares significantly prices, has emerged as multiple and varied analyzes on this violation results to all expectations, even if we wanted to know the real reasons why we can introduce more than one analysis and put them together to find out the real reasons, in front this actually need more than an expert all seen the problem from a certain angle and each puts his sojourn, meeting them they can draw a monetary, financial and economic policies as close as possible to reality to save the country, which could be waiting for him from an uncertain future and serious effects and the suffering of the citizens are afraid to think about it for a great impact and risk consequences that could be bad period of the siege in the nineties or perhaps the worst of them.
7. For the auction of the Central Bank, touched in your difficult canceled and Astaadth open letters of credit, as you know, I did not ask to solve letters of credit as the only solution because I know the level of complexity and the difficulty of implementing small business transactions or transactions with Iran, therefore you are asked Furthermore, the second solution, a ( Payment at the presentation of shipping documents (Cash against documents where this way can import any goods no matter how small the treatment of banking simple, but can even import of goods from Iran even as it is under siege, where the presentation of shipping documents to the bank in Iran Representative of Iraq to the bank (Corresponding Bank) the Iraqi bank to pay the cost of the goods in cash to the issuer account in the Iranian bank inside Iraq, the more difficult the case could face the central bank could be solved so easily, and this method you followed when I was minister of communications such as Turkey to the ministry when he anchored one of the tenders on one of the Iranian companies manufacturers of wires, Vtbrerk is not an acceptable excuse for continuing currency auction approach, because, unfortunately, I repeat that the greatest corruption and the largest thefts are due to continued currency auction, which will empty fateful reserve of the country and impoverishing the Iraqi citizens to private interests of some spoilers.
8. governor of the central bank must focus your attention on tens of thousands of citizens who suffer most Anah because of their inability to withdraw their deposits from private banks, he came to me one of them and he has nearly $ eighty thousand dollars in a bank, which is in urgent need of this amount for the purpose of traveling to treatment of disease malignant, and asked me to help him to connect to this bank to get the money; the truth that must I say that this is the central bank's job, should the central bank stands ready to pay any amount to anyone who deposited money in one of the private banks can not only get part of it hard-earned, as you know that there is the proportion of deposits of depositors at the central bank where they can pay the rights of citizens directly to depositors by the central bank and a government banks Kalravedan for example, that such action increases the citizen's confidence in state institutions and feels right that the state is working for him and his interests.
This is the tip of the iceberg of the proposals that I've found have been taken out, I was ready to dwell in this direction service to our country and our service to honest citizens.