The governor of Dhi Qar predicted breakthrough project finance crisis

Dated: 04/18/2016 Monday 7:10

Iraq today / Laith Serail
He predicted the governor of Dhi Qar - Yahia Nasseri, on Sunday "near a breakthrough project financing crisis and pay the dues of contractors, after the adoption of the Cabinet decision to issue government bonds for the payment of contractors and suppliers
San Nazareth Alsm- information office, also said: "He said the Nazarene, the Cabinet's recent decision, on the issuance of national bonds, to pay dues of contractors and suppliers owed by institutions and government departments, a good decision that would support the work of companies and help them to resume work on the stalled projects by the financial crisis, "and also:" The administration of the province waiting for instructions from the prime minister's office, about the implementation of the resolution mechanism, to be directly implemented, "and predicted the Nazarene:" The arrival of the instructions in the next few days, "He guessed the Nazarene beyond" breakthrough project finance crisis and obtaining the contractors and suppliers for their entitlements, in accordance with the said resolution, "then went conservative on Mai_khas workflow projects in Dhi Qar," his aides planning affairs in the province, and Deputy governor for technical Affairs in pursuing continuous automatic workflow projects, "the source said:" It was a close issued by the Prime Minister's Office - Haider al-Abadi, unveiled on Monday through the 11th of this April, the crisis cell and directed the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to issue national bonds to tackle entitlements companies Contractors, "and I pointed out the document:" The annual interest rate for these bonds amounting to 5%, "and what source found that it is worth remembering as well: "the CBI had announced on Sunday - the 10th of the current month, the approval of the crisis cell, headed by Iraqi Prime Minister - Haider al-Abadi to issue bonds to pay dues of contractors and suppliers of state institutions," adding: "the bond is a guarantee for loans at full face value, and the possibility of deducting those bonds in banks or sold in the market, estimated the number of projects that have stopped as a result of the financial crisis in Dhi Qar province, 444 projects, spread over 22 sectors Khaddmaa and developmentally."