Today is decisive in the fate of the cabin provided by Abadi report

Dated: 04/18/2016 Monday 7:10

Tariq Harb - legal expert
Despite the many and numerous incidents and statements they got on 16.4.2016, the curious in that the prime minister did not comment or make a statement although it is the owner of the fundamentalist actions and that on in everything that was said on Saturday.
So that is what happened from the presence of advocates of Representatives Baltknuaqrat protesters, and their inability to achieve a parliamentary session for lack of quorum is achieved, after Badr bloc, which quit the pretext of opening the door to other House position, and told by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr of new things, especially with regard to the three presidencies, what was the day of the fundamental and critical issues, about the legitimacy of the protesters consultative meeting, and not to the possibility of former speaker of parliament from holding a meeting of his supporters, and his inability to achieve a quorum to hold the meeting, especially since it says that the majority with him, and told him the president hours before what happened in on Saturday, which can be interpreted as a favor technocrats of Representatives, and can be interpreted also as for the benefit of the House of Representatives who advocate political quota system, if so, the end of this parliamentary dispute and constitutional conflict lies in a return to the adoption of the closed first circumstance that gave him the prime minister to parliament on 31/3 / 2016, it represents the desire and the will of the person authorized constitutionally, select candidates to occupy ministerial positions in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution, and the Champions and the abolition of the second cabinet reshuffle, because they contain a number of candidates who took the political blocs nominated, so that we can achieve harmony and eradicate all what is happening differences, so this is an intermediate position between those who demand to cancel the ministries, and between those who call for Pure quota system that parliament be returned to the previous nines, and members can ask the Prime Minister to change any candidate if you do not get approval during voting