Baghdad -arac Press -18 April: continue the hundreds of protesters from the supporters of the Sadrist movement and activists of civil power protesting, even this late hour of the twist, in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad. Correspondent / Iraq Press / from the site of the event, said that "hundreds of protesters continue rallying cries demanding ministerial cabin of technocrats during the given of cleric Moqtada al - Sadr 's deadline. "

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And participate in the open sit -in and demonstrations of hundreds of Wasit province and other southern provinces. The Coordinating Committee of the sit - ins, said in Wasit, he said that "hundreds of protesters in front of the provincial council building demand for comprehensive reform and rejection of quotas, went to Baghdad to sustain the momentum of the sit - ins in front of the headquarters of the ministries in the capital as well as the Square Liberation , "noting that" the protests will be peaceful and disciplined. " confirm the sources from inside the Baghdad airport and activists from the Sadrist movement that the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr arrived, tonight, to Baghdad to participate in the sit -in Central , which called for him.