Ansar al-Sadr's movement surrounding the headquarters of four ministries in Baghdad (photographer)

Baghdad -arac Press -17 April
: Protesters surrounded the supporters of the Sadrist movement, civil and currents, on Sunday, the headquarters of four ministries in central Baghdad, to demand that ministers to submit their resignations.

It was announced by leading Sadr case of a general horn, in the provinces of Iraq Boqdatha and its environs, and headed toward Baghdad, Sadr's followers, to strengthen the momentum of the protests taking place in the capital, Baghdad.


He expected Hasnawi, a follow current, that "hundreds of demonstrators, followers of the Sadrist movement and other civil movements, encircling, since this morning, the headquarters of the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs in the area of ​​fitness, and the Ministry of Culture at the entrance to Haifa Street, in addition to the Ministry of Construction and Housing in the Alawi neighborhood, downtown Baghdad. "


Hasnawi He added that the demonstrators held up banners demanding the resignation of the Cabinet, and chanted slogans against the quota system, party and the sharing of positions and jobs in the state, pointing out that the next few hours will besiege all the federal ministries in the capital Baghdad.

On the other hand, security sources said that those charged with protecting ministries and security forces closed the gates, and prevented employees from leaving, noting that the minister and the general managers who were not present at their places of work at the start of the siege.

She added that the helicopters flew over the demonstrators, who besieged the headquarters of the ministries, and in the center gather them under the Freedom Monument in downtown BaGHDAD