Video .. coalition forces declared unanimously refused to dismiss the head of the parliament, "Saleem al-Jubouri" (Details)
02:09 PM
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Leaders of the coalition said the Iraqi forces unanimous refusal to dismiss Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, as warned of a split parliament that the principle of the political consensus necessary to have the presidency of the Council of Representatives of the Sunni component represented by the Alliance.

It came through the annexation of the leaders and members of the Alliance of Iraqi forces meeting, joined him the majority coalition MPs participating in the sit -in inside the parliament hall.

The meeting issued a statement that said: -
Given what is going through the political process of a dangerous slippery slope threaten its existence, and events in the political arena over the past week, and as a result of the constructive dialogue we have had with political partners over the past few days has the leadership and members of the Alliance of Iraqi forces met yesterday Saturday, 16/4/2016 to discuss in this developments have resulted in the meeting for the following courses: -

1. affirms coalition Iraqi forces adherence to the political process and reject any approach threatens the unity of Iraq and the march of the political process or the division of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to the two chambers.

2. illegal and unconstitutional hearing on Thursday, 14.04.2016 and the rejection of all what emerged from, and confirms the coalition that any process of change in order to reform presidencies should take place in accordance with the spammers democratic and constitutional.

3. The principle of political consensus and balance necessary to have the presidency of the Council of representatives of the Sunni component represented by the Alliance of Iraqi forces were among the representatives of the component position of attempts to change which recently acquired.

4. this statement represents a consensus coalition Iraqi forces and that any deputy deviate from this consensus , it does not represent the coalition in any way.
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