Ghaban: Adoption of the possibilities of self-completion of the national card project for lack of appropriations
and Interior Minister Mohammad Al Ghabban, he said the ministry had approved their efforts and potential completion of national self - card project, for lack of financial allocations in the light of the economic crisis in the country.
He Ghabban, on Sunday, during his speech on the occasion of the opening of the national card project in the conditions of Sadr City, said that " the importance of completing the project comes from the volume of services to be provided to the children of the populated areas with large numbers of citizens, especially in Sadr City," adding that " the interior ministry was keen on development of plans and draw long - term strategies based on the service of citizens and the advancement allocated to departments ministry and service the most important cases , city departments to infrastructure, as we all know the extent of obsolescence of customized buildings for the departments of civil cases , and especially in Sadr city , which is no longer accommodate the preparation of citizens became overburden from their shoulders during their audit departments lacking amenities, and about that opened the doors of corruption and coursing illegal that distort the completion of the work of the ministry. "
He added that" since the project service giant in the ministry starting [national card project] , which has been Markona on the shelves for decades , we have decided to live up to the work of our ministry of paperwork to electronic and stationed so get rid of the rings excessive red tape which was a fertile ground for the spread of the land of corruption. "
he explained Ghaban" about the great importance of the project of the service we had to think about circles and the headquarters to be an alternative for those, Our work on the opening of this building today after that we made it a priority of our work and mobilized cadres of the ministry 's technical, engineering and administrative full capacity and continued to work day and night , defying all obstacles and difficulties encountered in their work and keen to make this simple fruit to citizens despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the country of the big financial crisis and the lack of appropriations , which represents a major obstacle to the completion of this project, but we relied on our potential self and the ability of associates in the ministry to implement any project came to completion of the project translation process and realistic slogan launched by the ministry [we can]. "
the Minister of the Interior that" the market Tuesday was devoted to be signed alternative circuits the conditions of the chest, Karrada, Baghdad and new Rusafa city, and today we inaugurate the office of Sadr city , "and expressed hope that" complemented the rest of the offices and other departments in the near future with the continued implementation of the plans and actions to create permanent sites for those circles. "
He stressed that" ensuring the success of any project depends on the extent of cooperation citizens with the competent our departments , "calling on citizens to" constructive cooperation Ptedeid ministry effort, and commitment to procedures and deadlines and schedules specified for the purposes of their review as defined sexual Directorate scientist to review the national card office. "
said Ghaban that" we will work to provide the wheels to move citizens from the people of Sadr city of ancient weather site to the new site is free to make it easier for them to get on the national card is easy and in accordance with the regulations laid down , "praising the ministries of labor and trade cooperation to allocate the building.
the director of public sexual Maj . Gen. Mahdi blessing Waeli announced on the eighth of this April to stop work in the conditions of the chest circle as of last Sunday, in preparation for the work of issuing national card for citizens in the constituency in the April 17 [Sunday].