House sitters resort to reference after the withdrawal of their colleagues following the bloc threats


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Noon deputies described as "dissidents" for coalition forces smiling in a photo, "Sylvie" with Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, who was sacked by 170 deputies attended the session last Thursday. While the opposing team tries to complete the quorum, which puzzled him some of their colleagues in the withdrawal of the Saturday session, of those who went to take the picture or who have committed themselves to the issuance of new orders from the bloc. In the meantime, it offered Badr, near a coalition of Maliki's bloc, the initiative for "unification of Parliament," after it withdrew some deputies from the camp of the protesters, and called for the session pooling "adversaries."
He called al-Sadr, on Saturday, the three presidencies, to submit a new government on Tuesday, at the latest. And laid siege to his followers, yesterday, a number of ministries in Baghdad, to pay its ministers to resign as stated in the chest a statement, called the "close people".

Will you come back Jubouri?
And go most of the views of the blocks to the difficulty of pursuing "the new deadline chest", or offering the government a third cabin. The question is still stuck on the possibility of the return of al-Jubouri to preside over Monday's session, or MP Adnan al-Janabi continue his duties as head of an interim parliament? He says Abdul Salam al-Maliki, a team from the protestors in an interview (range), "We will not accept that, Salim al preside over Monday's meeting. Adnan al-Janabi is the legitimate president of the interim now." Maliki confirms that the protesters are continuing to hold a meeting to choose a new presidency of the parliament, expressed his welcome colleagues Paljbure if they decided to participate in the hearing as vice president, not the parliament. He left the al-Janabi, the head of parliament chosen by the sitters, the House of Representatives after the failure of the objectors of Representatives in achieving a quorum.
The House of Representatives postponed sitters hold their sessions to Monday, after a decline in their number to 161, after it reached 173 in the dismissal of al-Jubouri meeting, according to some lawmakers. In contrast assured Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, yesterday, that the coming days will witness an appointment comprehensive parliament session. He noted that the political forces have proven their ability to develop their performance, considering that the last parliamentary movement is clear evidence of this.

How misfire quorum?
But MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki deny that sitters of Representatives has failed to achieve a quorum at a meeting Saturday. He is stressing that the meeting was postponed at the request of some of the forces that called for "unification of the parliament", most notably the Badr bloc.
The news leaked out Saturday that 26 deputies from different parliamentary blocs withdrew from the protestors team, they are: Hana smaller Bayati, Amer Al-Fayez, Razak al-Haidari, Talal Zobaie, Siham al-Moussawi, Rinas Gano, Iman al-Obeidi, covenants Fadhli, Ahmed al-Mashhadani, Sherko Mirza Mohammed Farid al-Shaalan, Xuan Daoudi, and Huda carpets. Also fails to appear: Qassim bonded, Hakhuan Abdullah Saadoun al-Dulaimi, Sabhan Sadoun, Manal Amuslimawi, Ezzedine state, Razak mheibes Lajimi, Risan Dler, Salem al-Issawi, Salah al-Jubouri, Nahida Daini, Mohammed Mohammed Tamim, Mona Qasim.
In return leaked documents from the Islamic Party confirms deportation MP Azim and Healing, which nominate a substitute for Saleem al-Jubouri, from the ranks of the party. And Healing is the only Sunni lawmaker in Basra.
Conversely it was reported the separation of the Kurdish MP, Tavkh Ahmed, Chairman of the institutions of civil society, for the Kurdish Goran block to its adherence to stay with protesters opposed to the position of mass. MPs years may also face a similar fate to fellow protesters, former environment minister Qutaiba al-Jubouri, and MP Ahmed al-Jubouri of Mosul. He returned some of the retreating protesters camp gather a group photo on Saturday, with Saleem al-Jubouri, a confirmation of the withdrawal and support for the latter. Magda and demanded al-Tamimi, an MP for the Sadr movement, in a press release, the decision to protect the parliament, "Ihsanoglu architecture," which received death threats. Ihsanoglu and is meeting to choose a temporary chairman of the parliament scheduled. The MP had violated Turkmen citizen bloc, which boycotted the sessions Thursday and Saturday Almaditin.

Unify the divided parliament
In the meantime Matsamu Parliament goes on in consultation with each other and trying to woo other parties to achieve a quorum for Monday's session. He met in Karbala on Sunday, a delegation of 10 figures representing the protestors Representatives, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai representative of the religious authority. But Badr block, her "unification of Parliament" initiative, find it very difficult to achieve its goal of Monday's meeting, or even soon.
He says the fact that Mohammed, MP for the Bloc in contact with the (range), "in light of the division, can not be unified session held now. It takes a longer time for dialogue between the blocs."
And supports Badr comprehensive change of government, and make radical reforms, subject to abide by the constitution, and that it has no affect on the security situation in the country.
The rule also the leader of the coalition forces, Salah al-Jubouri, the possibility of a "united" to hold a hearing on Monday, due to the insistence of the protestors on their positions, and the failure to achieve a majority. But al-Jubouri says, in an interview with the (range), that "there are discussions taking place now between the blocs to achieve that goal and to hold a hearing for each of Representatives."

List ministerial third
And member of the coalition forces find it difficult to talk about "new cabin," according to al-Sadr demanding that gave through three presidencies 72 hours to achieve this.
Jubouri said that "the government quoted a problem reshuffle to the parliament, and amid the confusion and the lack of a quorum can not display any cabin, whether new or old." But the fact that the MP, a member of the Badr block, indicates that "the two previous lists, which Dmta multiple names of ministers did not show any of them to vote." They were excluded in accordance with the political blocs objections or observations of the committees of Parliament. And see a member of the Badr block the ability to view one of the ministerial lists to vote again before the House of Representatives.
In contrast to the House of Representatives Aictrt team protesters ministerial statements, displaying their adherence to the government of "non-partisan and non-sectarian." He says Abdul Salam al-Maliki "is not our problem that Abadi first or second list shows, we want ministers incompetent and independents even if all of them are Christians."