The dismissal of the Iraqi presidencies fell .. and quotas established!


Sunday , April 17, 2016

As Iraq 's three presidencies looking political crisis today at the same time , who heads representatives of the protesters deputies to Najaf to meet with religious leaders, the dismissal of the presidency of parliament facing falling stuck with most of the blocks political and sectarian quota system in the distribution of positions and refused Washington and Tehran to dismiss considered an illegal measure .

And will meet Iraqi presidencies three of the Republic and the parliament and the government Sunday at the home of President Fuad Masum , to discuss the mechanics of political and government reform in addition to the line- up and scheduled an appointment for presentation to the House of Representatives to vote, which is expected on Monday.

For their part heading a delegation representing the House of Representatives sitters today also to Najaf for talks with Shiite authorities movement aimed at ending quotas as they say.

It is noteworthy that the protestors of Representatives voted to dismiss the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri , last Thursday to protest against the delay a vote on the cabinet reshuffle made ​​by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi session , calling for the exit of the sectarian and political quotas.

Washington and Tehran against the dismissal of chairman of the parliament as "illegal " positions of Washington and Tehran have agreed on the refusal to dismiss the chairman of the parliament and private boss Salim al - Jubouri , where he looked upon the procedure is illegal and has increased the political situation more complicated. During the meeting Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi with Brett Macgork presidential envoy to the international alliance and Stuart Jones , US ambassador to Iraq, described the two officials Alamirkiyan what happened in the House of Representatives as the process it is legitimate and is against the constitution and regulations and that the United States and the international community to reject any change beyond democracy and constitutional methods.

They pointed out that any change is by bypassing these standards provides Daash space to breathe through it also undermines efforts to eliminate them as a transport them a press statement from the Office Najafi seen "Culture" on the text. "

As quoted Najafi Office for the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad , Hassan Danaii fled after meeting with the Iraqi official , referring to what happened in the House of Representatives held the scene and did not take into account the constitutional status. and last night the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri said in a speech , "I saw that the meetings of the Council postpone formally call on all the political blocs and sages who are keen on the future of the political process , which is the future Iraq to sustain the dialogue in the coming days and come up with solutions to the country out of the bottleneck.

Opposition infallible change and positions of the Kurds .. and Sunnis assert that the presidency of the parliament share
at the time the head of the alliance of the Iraqi parliamentary powers Ahmed Massari stressed that the post of President of the House of Representatives is the component of the Sunni maturity stressing adherence to this position, the Kurds rejected any change in the positions of Kurdish officials.

He said electrodes in an interview televised last night : "we are committed to the post of speaker of parliament and the state of the process of change should get to change the legal" .. He pointed to the existence of requests from the House of Representatives to change the three presidencies "our position is clear and we invite to attend a unified session and there is a vote on the change process and the process must be in accordance with the constitutional frameworks. "

For its part , has Kurdish blocs stressed that any attempt being made ​​to change any site without a return to the political blocs representing the people of Kurdistan are reneging on the spirit of the Constitution and the political process is something unacceptable.

They explained in a statement yesterday that the national partnership in Iraq requires not encroach upon the positions constitutional and political that reflect the principles of partnership and balance the constitutional and benefits to the Iraqi components , although it means reneging on the spirit of the Constitution and the political process and coexistence and genuine partnership is something unacceptable would not allow it and will boycott any process taking place otherwise we will not allow one to put itself a substitute for political Ktlna.

In addition, coalition , the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi has called called national coalition led by Iyad Allawi to keep the presidency for the process of change as the safety of the community and protection of the Constitution of Iraq valve.

In the face of these positions have wondered Followers current political crisis on the meaning out of the quota system , which claims blocs and political forces need to get out as each component of which is sticking to its share in the positions and official sites .. pointing out that this confirms its adherence to the quota system , practically calling out which theoretically possibly to appease the angry citizens of their practices.

Sadr calls for the provision of a technocrat government to a vote within 72 hours and was the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr called on the three presidencies to hold a parliamentary session and provide characterized by the cabinet reshuffle Baltknuaqrat independent , without regard to the voices of quotas abhorrent within a maximum period of 72 hours while retaining the sit -in inside the parliament of my people and the backing.

The Iraqi parliament continued to be divided among the members in favor of the sacking of former boss Saleem al - Jubouri and others consider this impeachment is a constitutional threatening to escalate the political crisis in Iraq , where Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi is trying to fight corruption through the formation of a government of technocrats.

And began the crisis that prompted MPs to demand the resignation Jubouri , after recent comments parliamentary session was in session Tuesday in order to vote on a list of 14 candidates for membership of the government presented by Abadi , after negotiation with the heads of political blocs. And rejected a large number of MPs to vote on this selection , demanding a return to the first lineup was displayed Abadi in 31 of the last month and included the names of 16 candidates of technocrats and independents only, but had to be modified under pressure from the political parties that adhere to submit their candidates to the government.

In response to comments Jubouri session staged a sit opponents at the headquarters of the House of Representatives held a session chaired by the oldest member Adnan al - Janabi and declared his dismissal at the request signed by 174 deputies.

The United Nations appealed Friday officials in Iraq end the political crisis that hinder the formation of a new government of technocrats, warning that continuing crisis threatens to weaken Baghdad in the war against al - Islamic state.