The Iraqi ambassador in Washington: the Strategic Framework Agreement need to be reconsidered or activate some respects

2016-04-16 21:30:57 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He saw the Iraqi ambassador to the United States of America Luqman Feeli, Saturday, that the strategic framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington need to be reviewed or activate some respects, as he emphasized the administration's commitment not to arming any Iraqi party without central government approval.

He Feeli Speaking for the "exclusive interview" which aired Sumerian, "The Strategic Framework Agreement created in a certain political atmosphere which now need to be reviewed or activation of certain aspects or clarify what is required of the Convention," adding that "there is a convergence of views between the the United States and Iraq politically, but needs strengthening in other areas. "

Faili said, "The United States has always stressed the unity of Iraq, and there is no talk about Iraq titled segregation," pointing out that "Washington is committed to not arming tribes or any other party without the consent of the central government."

Iraq signed with the United States in the 2007 Strategic Framework Agreement for a long term in all fields including economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, the agreement aims to contribute to the promotion and development of democracy in Iraq.

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