Political crisis: the chaos is creative disruption of reform and transformation of Iraq into a failed state

04/16/2016 19:39:17

BAGHDAD / obelisk: locked "obelisk" in the entries and Tweets reaching social sites, tanker observer highlight of eating Followers of the Iraq war and the Arab world. And transmits harvest "obelisk" Saturday, April 16, 2016, the broad interest of the pioneers of social networking sites, the political conflict to disrupt the work of the ministries and the introduction of the country in the creative chaos and paralyze the service of citizens.

And denounced the blogger Mustafa Saadoun in the codification of him on the website "Alphippsok", seeming chaos and confusion glaring in the political process, addressing the House of Representatives of the protesters where "your role in finding real legislation, protect the rights and the country, and are beneficial to everyone, not Tatsamua against yourselves or your leaders, farce you are undertaking now Tatkaddonha stage of a laugh at the people, but the result will be counterproductive. you you write the last lines of the novel (the quota system). "

In taunt political analyst Shahir Omar said in his blog post "Disable official working until it adopts the new cabinet line-up," he noted the calls for the sacking of all ministers and disrupt the work of the ministries.

In turn questioned the blogger Anas Ali, how do you believe that "the House of Representatives of the protesters willing to resolve the crisis as they seek to bring down the entire government in the light of the difficult conditions experienced by the country and the challenges faced ?, noting," When you look at their pictures and accept their positions in parliament Sngdam the basis of the crisis and is moving orders foreign agenda. "

As commented Mansour Ansari saying the approval of a government of technocrats meaning First, robbed all the positions of "power" and influence of corrupt and secondly: the possibility of exposing the terrible corruption they did later that they were killed, and to approve the dismissal of ministers means Shell all aspects of the state and disrupt the work of the government. "

Meanwhile, a blogger Ashraf cream in the codification him that "the pursuit of some blocks to topple all the ministers under the critical juncture the country's ongoing means the destruction of the whole country and open a large loophole to organize Daash to enter Baghdad as well as the shadow of this decision on the battlefields."

Without Mohammed al-Moussawi on Facebook that "the real problem with heads of blocs and quotas, and the theory of compatibility, all hinder the move of Representatives in the legislation of laws important" Alathdah, oil and gas Court Act, the general amnesty, accountability and justice, "and Alktergerha The solution is not to dismiss the minister."

In parallel Karrar al-Badri said in Tdwinth that "the call for a demonstration in front of the doors of ministries big risk as possible to be exploited by terrorist organizations to breach those ministries and going in the country to the abyss," addressing "political Stop are playing Bmguetdarat and property of the people and the days sponsor detects Anyabkm for ministries that you demand the resignation of its ministers." .

He wrote programs Mazen al-Zaidi "provider that seen in the country since August 2015 can only be described as chaotic. There are intersecting and conflicting projects within the political elite, which is not less overlapped with the direction of the Iraqi components is politicized."

He adds, "Rather We are experiencing the second and updated creative chaos that has gripped Iraq since the overthrow of the Baath regime in such a few days ago a 13-year version. Throughout the past decade we have lived in a virtual world of making creative chaos edition number 0.1. We have established this world on Alatnutaivih quotas that Aslmtna turn to corrupt governments squandered the country's wealth, a failed state lost its sovereignty, because of the influence of the countries of the region, and lost part of the domestic territory at the hands of terrorist organizations. "

And Mohammed explains jihadist in the codification him that "a summary of what happened since the reforms launched by the Prime Minister last summer that packs bubbling political struggle going on behind the scenes to capture the legacy of the quota system, which wrote his death certificate after the fall of Mosul, however Daash, and the collapse of oil prices later."

The repeated calls for urgent and claims by some political powers to sack all the ministers in the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, wrong attitude not in keeping with the aspirations of the Iraqi people aspiring to join efforts to eliminate Daash gangs and the success of the efforts of the Government and the Prime Minister to implement the reforms and address the problems afflicting the country, as well as being the positions of serving the enemies of Iraq and projects aimed to tear Iraq and confuse the state-building process.