Barzani and Talabani's party decide to send a delegation to Baghdad to find a "final solution" to the problems

2016-04-16 19:14:11 | (Voice of Iraq) - Erbil

Announced Democratic parties the Kurdistan Patriotic Union, the Sabbath, their intention to send a political delegation to Baghdad, "carries a project" for a final solution to the problems, while stressing the need to make all the changes "through the law and legality."

He said the two parties in a joint statement issued today, after the end of their meeting: "We decided to send a joint delegation from the Kurdish political parties involved in the Iraqi parliament to Baghdad as soon as possible, and the delegation will carry the project includes all our demands for a final solution to the problems," explaining that "address the problems the current parliament and the government are made through the balance of political agreement and a real and efficient government. "

He emphasized, "the need for consensus on the basis of mutual trust and implement a joint government program to all parties including the Kurdistan region," Mhdeddan by saying, "The efforts we will make to the organization of the political house of Kurdistan in the light of the current political situation, and the referendum is a democratic right of the people of Kurdistan."

He said the Kurdish parties, that "the political parties and the parliament and the Iraqi government will be the first party and the state Snthaor with them on the right of referendum," the scourges to "the need to make all the changes through law and legality."

The democratic parties and the Kurdistan National contract on Saturday, a meeting under the auspices of President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to discuss the latest developments in the Iraqi parliament and the situation in the region and the war against "Daash."

The Kurdish blocs in parliament, confirmed on Saturday that the national partnership in Iraq requires not encroach upon the constitutional and political positions of the Iraqi components, insisting it would boycott any process to change locations without returning them.

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