Why sitters House of Representatives failed to hold their session today?


BAGHDAD / .. sitters House of Representatives failed in the House of Representatives to hold open the door for nomination to the post of chairman of the parliamentary session on the back of his dismissal, after the withdrawal of a number of them, what effect in achieving a quorum for the session, amid calls to hold a full parliamentary session for the unification of the speech.

And there were signs of the failure of the House of Representatives to hold the meeting since Saturday afternoon, after leaks confirmed the inability of parliamentarians held, and the withdrawal of some MPs from the sit-in at the request of the bloc or without him, before confirming the speaker of parliament not to hold the meeting for security reasons.

The MP said the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod that some blocs tried to pressure legislators to withdraw from the sit-in for the failure to achieve a quorum, noting that the meeting had been postponed to next Monday.

He Chihod's "Eye of Iraq News," "The main reasons that led to the failure of the hearing is the desire of some political blocs to keep Alhassh system in the parliament and the government," adding that "a divided Council to the two teams stand against each of quotas and backed by the other."

In turn, the Badr bloc proposed the holding of a plenary session of the House of Representatives and the presence of all members to unite discourse and unity.

A member of the cluster Star Ghanim, at a press conference held at the parliament building and attended "appointed Iraq News", "Bader with root comprehensive reforms and unite efforts to achieve security and services to work on creating the economic crisis and preserve the unity of the House of Representatives solutions," adding that "disabled parliament means disabling the comprehensive reforms. "

It was Murar be hearing choose the Presidency held after the sacking of al-Jubouri, through the opening of the nomination on the office door, where he is expected to be a Sunni names are the closest to the post, especially with the position of adhering to the Union forces led by the Council.

Where he confirmed that the Iraqi forces union presidency of the Council of Representatives of the Sunni component represented by the Alliance, as expressed rejection for "division" of Parliament, stressed that any deputy out of this consensus is not an alliance.

The federation said in a statement: "Ein Iraq News" received a copy of it, "Any process of change in order to reform presidencies should take place in accordance with the spammers democratic and constitutional," pointing out that "the principle of political consensus and balance necessary to have the presidency of the Council of Representatives of the Sunni component represented by the Alliance Iraqi forces were among the representatives of the component position of attempts to change that recently acquired. "

The open position Forces Union stickler positions the door to other blocs to demand publicly to keep the positions, according to Madmenh Constitution.

He said the Kurdistan Alliance, in a statement, "Eye of Iraq News" received a copy of it, that "national partnership in Iraq requires not encroach upon the constitutional and political positions that reflect the principles of partnership and the constitutional balance and benefits to the Iraqi components."

He added that "any attempt being made to change any site without a return to the political blocs representing the people of Kurdistan are reneging on the spirit of the Constitution and the political process and coexistence and genuine partnership is something unacceptable would not allow it and will boycott any process conducted Otherwise, we will not allow one to put itself substitute for Ktlna political. "

In contrast to the desire of the protesters of Representatives, came their calls to grant the presidency of the parliament, the Sunni component after he presents his nominees, which confirmed the legal committee member of the high Nassif that "coalition forces asked for time half an hour to provide the names of replacements for al-Jubouri," which pointed to wrap the protesters about themselves or another.

Chihod believes that given the position of chairman of the parliament of the Sunni component comes to emphasize the whiteness of the intention of the House of Representatives of the protesters, and stripped of accusations of wanting looting component of the Sunni his posts, which observers see as Abakaoua quotas themselves, by staging a protest against it since the days.

For its part, it praised Badr bloc at the House of Representatives for the protesters they postpone today's meeting to Monday upon request.

The bloc said in a statement: "Ein Iraq News" received a copy of it, he was "offering sincere thanks to the deputies of the protesters for their response to the request of the Badr postpone their meeting today to allow more time for dialogue in preparation for the Council of Unified parliamentary session in its entirety, and to move the comprehensive reforms."

Council for its meeting to next Monday, where he is expected to devote the meeting to open the door for nomination in front of the House of Representatives who believe in the ability to manage the presidency of the parliament themselves.

It indicated that 26 deputies had pulled Twaqaam demand the sacking of the three presidencies, among more than 170 deputies, resulting in the inability to be held down when the quorum stipulated in the rules of procedure of Cil.anthy 8