Abadi confirms the continuation of the work of his government until the parliament was able to pass his reforms


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

He warned the prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, than to be the difference on the reform gateway to more "chaos and fragmentation" and shuffling papers, warning of wasting the main objective behind it.
While considered that the current climate does not allow to leave the country in a government or a political vacuum, he assured not to allow dragging the country into the unknown and falling into the abyss.
Ebadi said, in a televised speech delivered on Thursday evening, and followed up (range Press), "The government has worked over the past period, and the effort vigorously, in order to change and reform, and put your interests that Tzhardm for and Atsamtm to achieve, above all other interests coincide with the exceptional circumstance which passes by Iraq. "
The prime minister added that "the outcome of our work, were we after a thorough study of a large list of candidates technocrats, we chose names that have been submitted, and we expect that it would meet some of the objections of those who look to the reform outlook narrow interests, and who confuse the principle of partnership and quotas, as is happening now, and we made a list of technocrats cabinet reshuffle two weeks ago, according to public demands, and we asked at the time of the Council of Representatives to accept or reject or propose amendments, and the House committees to reject many of the names of candidates for the list submitted by us. "
Abadi said that "after the dialogue with the parliamentary blocs, we went towards the national document for reform as one of the joint employment options with the House of Representatives, was reached a second list of ministers technocrats and we presented again two days ago, the members of the House of Representatives," adding, "Unfortunately, we have noticed a difference and intersections between the House of Representatives on the first and second as well as lists, he earned a split in the Council on other things unrelated to the origin of the reform and the ministerial amendment intended, but political chaos could lead to instability, God forbid, Iraq and lead to the unknown, can not be accepted by chaos suffered by the interests of our people at risk. "
He went on the Prime Minister to say that "the current environment does not allow to leave the country in a government or a political vacuum and we are living in a state of defiance and war, and can not leave the country on this course, as that of the base ingredients did not correspond to the change of ministers at the present time, which It may generate a state of fragmentation and cracking, which we do not want, and may prejudice the partnership and national unity that we need now to confront the terrorist Daash. "
He said al-Abadi said "differences within the House of Representatives, and the lack of consensus on a cabinet reshuffle led to disable it at the present time and continue to do so may contribute to obstruct the work of the government, and the impact on military operations heroic to liberate our towns and villages of the occupation terrorist Daash and re-displaced people to their towns."
The head of the government "to continue in government work, packages and other comprehensive reforms management of war and protect the security of citizens to provide another opportunity when appropriate to the House of Representatives to vote in the coming days on the reshuffle, which we offered."
Abadi stressed that "reform and change is an ongoing process, if objected to some of the names excuse for not voting on them, Iraq is filled with the competencies and capabilities of those who will work to serve the country, we will give the bench to fall argument and achieve the desired change," he said, "but to be achieved and will be achieved God willing, it will not be unreasonable to disrupt the work of the ministries and citizens' interests and is what some people want. "
He added the prime minister, "We have put in front of surrender to the chaos and division and disagreements and dragging the country into the unknown and falling into the abyss option, this option we can not give in to him and strongly reject it, and chose instead to move the road that we designed from the start to walk in it, despite the difficulties and obstacles that Tlahzawnha, realizing that reform and the fight against the corrupt, is the other battle is not easy, but our people is the one who should win it no matter how long. "