United Nations expresses its deep concern over the political crisis in Iraq and calls for the implementation of reforms

April 16, 2016 8:05
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The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq [UNAMI] expressed deep concern about the continuing of the country's political crisis, "calling for" the Iraqi leaders to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve their differences. "He said the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq and Acting Head of Mission, George Posten, in a statement to UNAMI , that "the crisis that threatens to paralyze state institutions and undermine national unity in a time when all efforts should be focused on the fight against Daash and the implementation of reforms, and to revive the economy and restore the spirit and vitality in the performance of the state."

He added, "The only party that benefits from political divisions and chaos as well as the weakness of the state and its institutions is to organize Daash, and we must not allow this to happen."
He pointed Posten that "Iraq is passing through a difficult period in its history, it is important that members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the political leadership to engage now in the process of dialogue to find solutions based on the principles of democracy and legitimacy."
He stressed the UN official "should these solutions be to ensure political stability in Iraq, while managed to get the reforms called for the Iraqi people, it is vital that all political efforts at this stage, this should be to strengthen the unity of the Iraqi people in the fight against terrorist gangs Daash and criminal. "
And he warned that "allow the political differences that explain in terms of sectarianism, as it should be reforms, the process of gathering of Iraqi political parties together, not divide them."
Posten said, "The United Nations stands ready to assist in bringing Iraqi leaders together in the search for a solution and will not spare any effort in this regard."
He stressed "the political leaders in Iraq should put the national interest above any other consideration, and work tirelessly to ensure the political process and produce solutions that will be Iraq's lead out of the crises and promote the state and its institutions, and that only through unity."