Masum stresses on ending the quota system and calls for the House of Representatives to tax farming constitutional foundations [Extended]

April 16, 2016 0:04
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The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the ending of quotas in state institutions, "calling at the same time," House of Representatives members to abide by the constitutional foundations. "
Masum said in a televised speech addressed to the Iraqi people, on Friday evening, "I speak to you, and through you to all the leaders of the state and political and societal forces, and we are hopeful and confident that all appreciate the challenges still facing the country and the people on more than one level."
"I speak to you and start from two principles foundations no difference to them two, and make a real and comprehensive reforms, according to a thoughtful program and correction of government, legislative and judicial institutions in the state track and away from quotas factional and partisan and uphold the public interest over private interests, and the observance of laws and resorting to the Constitution as a reference the top to the State Administration to maintain the security and integrity of the country. "
The infallible, that "while adhering to these Alambdian all differences and differences in views are possible and are subject to discussion and dialogue and agreement on what safeguards the entity of the country and helps to progress in various fields."
The President of the Republic, "we must push all of us, and through state agencies, a comprehensive reform program helps to:
First, the principle of quotas to end partisan in the management of all state departments and independent bodies diplomatic, military and security corps with keeping the balance of ingredients prescribed by the Constitution.
Second, the elimination of corruption and prosecuting corrupt the justice and the restoration of public rights.
Third, strengthening the victories achieved by our heroine against terrorism and ensure security, peace and freedom in all the cities of Iraq.
Fourth, activating the real work of reconciliation for a community to consolidate the unity of the people.
Fifth, find occasion to pass the financial crisis and solutions as not to compromise employees and low-income bracket.
Sixth: the adoption of an integrated program and rapidly to develop infrastructure and provide basic services required for citizens.
And the infallible "This is a general framework which should translate the government and the House of Representatives in the form of practical programs, open and transparent and specific Ptoukata, and our collective responsibility, as a people and leaders of the state, as parties and political forces, and Knkhb religious, cultural, informational, social, support the reform movement attribution and calendar, and our greatest all It is in strengthening the unity of the country and the people and protect them. "
He said the president, "I would like to thank all my heart demonstrators and protestors our children who have committed to the principles of freedom of expression through democratic practice purely and went out to the squares and streets of the country seeking to improve services and make reforms and prosecute the corrupt and sought their hands and Naazarhm including asking for."
He stressed that "the right of everyone, among them members of the House of Representatives, representing the authority of the legislative and regulatory people enjoy full freedom of expression and posture in peace and security and the responsibility and dignity and without any pressure or coercion."
He added that "basically the responsibility of the Parliament is protecting and promoting democracy and responsibility of parliamentarians is to protect the unity of the national position on constitutional grounds, and save the political life and democratic practices without being drawn into the pitfalls and dark tunnel in this thorny circumstances."
Masum said, "We hope and we call on all MPs and political forces to take into account this aspect with all the responsibility, and we emphasize here the importance of maintaining the prestige of the state and its stability, it's all of our tent, although the Constitution, is what unites us and brings us together and organize our lives in it."
The "certainly not lost on everyone that Iraq is currently the center of the world to fight terrorism and fights for freedom on behalf of the international community amid dark conditions and we are in dire need of parking the international community with us and support us in the Holy our war, and we need the international and regional support for the preservation and promotion of our victories and build our lives economic and service in this circumstance financial emergency that we are going through. "
He said, "This international and regional support depends on the unity of the situation and the stability of the political life and the continuation of the democratic process according to the constitution in order to ensure win the confidence of our friends and brothers, especially the donor countries and international institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund."
He argued, "Let us see all of us in order to strengthen the supervisory image provided by our heroine in the security and military institutions, especially our heroes in the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga popular crowd and volunteers tribes in their holy war on the screens of pride and fulfillment, and will be enhanced this image to the world whenever we managed to overcome the political bottlenecks wisely and mind and as we proceed forward in the reform movement and construction. "
He called the president "the entire leadership of the state and the political forces to cooperate and resorting to putting the interest of the country and the people over all other interests for a bright and promising future constructive dialogue."