A coalition of citizen: the sacking of presidencies at the moment the risk .. We are with the reform through constitutional means

April 16, 2016 0:22
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Description citizen coalition led by al-Hakim, on Friday, the dismissal of the three presidency at the moment to "risk", adding that the coalition with the reforms through constitutional means.

The MP said the coalition Salim Chawki, in a press statement, "that" Iraq is going through serious challenges, requires the concerted efforts of all by the blocs and political components, in order to transit to Iraq to safety, "noting that" the dismissal of the three presidencies at the present time is a major challenge and risk. "

And on the sacking of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said Shawki, "the legal department showed that the wearer was a quorum of 130 deputies and that number is not enough to dismiss a legal and constitutional procedures, including waiting Balacalh respect."

He said Shawqi, that "Maimer by Iraq from a security and political tension requires a close stance or united by all parties as well as abide by the constitution, and all we need now is political stability."