Washington has refused to dismiss al-Jubouri and considers illegitimate

April 15, 2016 21:59
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Two US officials said, the decision of Representatives of the protesters on Thursday to sack Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri "illegal and unconstitutional".
The Bert Macgork special envoy of the US president to manage the international coalition and the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones during their meeting president of a coalition united Osama Najafi and according to a statement last of the Office, that "the United States of America with the Constitution and the law and the state, and rejects any infringement of legitimacy, and a description of what happened in the House of Representatives as the process is legitimate and is against the constitution and regulations, and the United States and the international community to reject any change beyond democracy and constitutional methods ". on a certain extent to the statement.
According to the statement, that US officials "indicated that any change is by bypassing these standards provides Daash space to breathe through it, and weaken efforts to eliminate them, with renewed US support for the Iraqi government."
He called Macgork and Jones According to the statement "to the continuity with Najafi, describing his position as an essential part in maintaining the Constitution and the state."
The statement noted that "Ahmed electrodes, which included the head of the coalition forces in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and Hassan Turan, a member of the Council, to discuss political developments and especially what happened in the House of Representatives on Thursday's meeting."
Through Macgork and Jones "their thanks and deep appreciation for the principled position of the Ngeevi in ​​victory for the Constitution and the law and the defense of democratic standards, and a description of his powers courageous". On a certain extent to the statement.
For his part, Najafi noted that "the crisis is an extension of the find and irregularities that accompanied the process of reform that has been unable to persuade the people to happen real reform, as well as the deep economic crisis and its effects."
He stressed Najafi "firm position in support of reforms, respect for the Constitution and the laws and regulations adopted because they Imad democratic process and without which the country could descend into chaos and hit the interests of the people and their goals."
Najafi explained in detail his vision based on the evidence and the experience and the presence of the ways to overcome the crisis and to address its causes.
The President of the coalition are united on the "necessity and national position in charge require the defense of democracy and the defense of the Constitution and the rejection of any attempt to exceed the norms and standards approved by the Constitution and laws and regulations, so he defended the presidency of parliament and Saleem al-Jubouri on according to the Defense of Legitimate and the state and the continuation of the political process base" .
The Special Envoy's visit to Baghdad for Obama is his second within a week after the rapid political developments in Iraq after the sit-in MPs and dismissed the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri.