Minister of Justice: the shared files collaboration requirements required for routine procedures

During a meeting with visiting Chief of the Arabic in Iraqi Foreign Ministry
Justice Minister Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, institutional work of the Ministry of Justice and its association with government entities in addition to the diplomatic and human rights organizations, requires them to act in accordance with legal contexts, taking into account the security aspect of the work of the Chambers.
The Minister invited the visiting official library, Arabic Department Chief at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ambassador Habib al-Sadr, the urgency of opening direct cooperation between the ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs to provide better and faster services regarding work tasks the two ministries.
At the request of some embassies in Iraq regarding access to their prisoners in Iraqi reform service Minister presented a full explanation on this topic and how to provide assistance for diplomatic missions operating in Iraq to facilitate mhmha, there is a set of security measures, skip meals in order to maintain the security system repair service.
The Minister said that the Ministry is keen to take account of the principles of human rights, to the extent feasible under these exceptional circumstances and difficult our dear, which strengthened this quest is to transform the functions of the abolished Ministry of human rights to the Ministry of Justice and represent Iraq in international forums. Many local and international organizations and official bodies the periodic visits to all formations of the Ministry and especially to reform service is evidenced by the presence of striving towards better possible to achieve the desired goal.
He said the Chief Iraqi Foreign Ministry Arabic Ambassador Habib al-Sadr, that great and constructive cooperation shown by the Ministry of Justice in the area of providing information and dealing with domestic and international stakeholders, in particular the prison file represents a good sign to show the transparent handling of all the files responsible for this Ministry.