Announced the execution Department in the Ministry of Justice, the main activities achieved during the month of February 2016

The execution Department announces activities achieved during the month of February
The Director General of the Department, agency execution Hussein punitive that the Chamber has achieved many accomplishments during the month of February in the year 2016, reaching total safe obtained from debtors (fourteen billion and one hundred and seven million three hundred and fifty thousand four hundred and twenty-two), while the secretariats are disbursed to beneficiaries (fourteen billion seven hundred and sixty-three million nine hundred ten thousand and fifteen), noting that the total of the amounts obtained from judicial fees (six million seven hundred and wetsmaeh and one thousand four hundred and eight dinars). The Director General added: the Chamber organized a number of courses for staff in cooperation with the judicial Institute, in addition to a number of workshops to explain the mechanism of action and procedures at the Central Bank, in addition to courses for the development of legal and administrative cadres. The Director General explained: the Chamber continuously follows up complaints, prosecutions and attend the proceedings, noting that (1649) and alimony (170) sentenced to pay custody was resolved, in addition to the provisions which had been decided by the Chamber within its responsibility to protect the rights of customers, adding that the Department achieved its activities related to a total debt (2001), while the provisions concerning real estate (271).