Work: the inclusion of more than 1,300 projects to the provisions of the Social Security

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Work: the inclusion of more than 1,300 projects to the provisions of the Social Security

The Ministry of Labour and Social / Department of pension affairs and social security for the workers, on Thursday, the inclusion of more than 1,300 projects in Baghdad social security.

The general director of the Department of pension and social security for workers Ali Jaafar said "section control and audit assessments of the circle was completed (in 1391) the decision to include the scrutiny of a number of civil companies in Baghdad and comprehensive extension (where the employer gives the registration number under which payment for a second draft provided that the project I have included a warranty). "

"The Chamber issued decisions scrutiny and coverage for a thousand companies operating in the provinces, as well as the completion of nine exempt from the fine late for companies for the payment of contributions and the installment amount for one of the companies covered by the pension law, social security number coefficients (39) for the year 1971".

He explained that the department has prepared a report on the collection of contributions to the Department activity for the month of April showed the comprehensiveness (96) projects the provisions of the law which (15) the coverage extension project, as has been calculated and audit (125) Tvicaa report resulted in the claim (68) Employer to pay what his trust of Dion and audit (485) reimbursement form.

He wrote grants to pay final maturity of nine contractors to pay their subscriptions for Mquaolthm ended for the purpose of giving them their entitlement from the transmitting, and support service (591) factor for the purpose of indemnity exchange or retired if the legal conditions are fulfilled.