Some Iraqi project builds home ... Are meet national Aradatna sincere and generate a new government ?!

2016 - 04-14

There is no doubt that the Iraqi people in all ethnic groups and doctrines and factions , political and intellectual trends looks toward a national project Nags real in order to build Iraq and bail him out of the devastation and loss because of what he went through wars and destruction over the past decades and then came Daash stage to put the country in front of a serious security challenge and a large drain in blood and lives and equipment and large amounts of money allocated for the purpose of perpetuating the fateful battle waged with all the honor and the fathers of our heroes brave armed forces and security services and popular crowd and the sons of the tribes and the army Aviation and air force and all actors chock other in order to achieve the nail final and inevitable victory to organize Daash terrorist - backed international and regional destinations even local Given these facts and the facts say that what is required is a sober and capable political process is up to the challenge .. a political process in which all national Aradatna sincere meet in order to generate the Government of the owners of expertise and competence and leave quotas governments that only disruption and loss did not produce for us and that dozens members of the House of Representatives, led by the protesters deputies in the parliament decided this time not to be passing any cabins ministerial or governmental lineup chosen by the parties and political forces decided the House of Representatives also be Msadda all attempts and pressures that are being made ​​here and there in order to bend the will of the protesters deputies who Antjoa of patriotism and abandoned their party affiliations after he felt even after a while of time that these parties or political forces want to pass their own interests and not the interests of the people .. claims have increased over the (24) the last hour to dissolve the three presidencies and considering this matter solution unavoidable to cross the country from suffocating that I want him to hinder the march of reform and construction and reconstruction .. the presidency of the Council of Representatives them be aware of their role and is aware that a large responsibility in these difficult in particular circumstances , as should all live the popular forces that promote its duty as it should for their strongly to move towards reform which would save the country and has already begun the street , both in Baghdad and several provinces demanding moves to speed up the achievement of radical reform and away from all attempts to procrastination.