Huda Sajjad: employees' salaries locked and activate industry and agriculture is a priority for bolstering the economy.

Dated: 04/13/2016 Wednesday 7:29

The Commission on Services parliamentary rapporteur Huda Sajjad, said that the salaries of employees locked, and while believing that industry and agriculture is a priority for the advancement of the economy, indicated that the central bank was supportive of the process of investment through the granting of five trillion dinars for small and medium enterprise loans.
Said Sajjad, said that "the world around us is dealing with Iraq as an assistant and supportive, especially the World Bank, which loaned Iraq nearly one billion and 200 million dollars, in addition to the IMF to grant Iraq four billion and 200 million dollars," indicating that "there is an interaction to support the government in the direction of supporting the Iraqi economy and the transit crisis, including the securing salaries for staff and fight al Daash "She added Carpets" the government is now working the first two-way towards austerity, especially with no real budget deficit, the second direction is to support the national economy through the activation of industry and agriculture by restoring the prestige Iraqi industry to the real level, "pointing out that" restore national production would secure the salaries of employees of companies self-financing and reduce imports from abroad. " Carpets and confirmed that "the central bank contributed significantly to the investment process in Iraq support through the granting of loans by five trillion dinars to the industrial and agricultural sectors and the Housing Fund."