The presence of the candidates of the political blocs assassination of reformist technocrats project

Dated: 04/13/2016 Wednesday 7:31

Tariq Harb - legal expert
On the 04/12/2016, Yesterday, was scheduled to take a vote on Parliament candidates were excluded given by the Prime Minister, which would be highly vulnerable Ptkalp some political blocs on ministerial posts, nominating new names added to the names nominated by the Prime Minister, and send these blocs names to the prime minister, in order to put to the vote in parliament,
This is a new re-traditional cycle of access to the post of the minister, which were previously prevalent and applied since the cabinet reshuffle of the interim government formed by Dr. Iyad Allawi, on 28/06/2004, and continued until the current cabinet reshuffle, which holds the government, and these new nominations, a form of forms of political quota system, except to say that the candidates of the blocks now, Smiwa "candidates technocrats," and that part was important and necessary in this term is not available in the candidates of the political blocs, because the most important pillar of technocrats is the corner of independence from the political blocs, so political bloc not be a reference to the prime minister, but of the whole people is to be these ministers reference, and the subordination of these ministers to the Prime Minister, not to the political blocs, as long as the prime minister is responsible for shortening the minister and his failure in his work, under joint liability prescribed in Article (83) of the Constitution.
Can not say that responsibility against the prime Wazzra, if the minister was not followed, but follows the political bloc that nominated him, so the subject put forward the names of all the candidates of the political blocs to vote parliamentarian, a matter left to the discretion of the Prime Minister, in accordance with the provisions of Article (76 / IV) of the Constitution , Fflerias Minister retire all names nominated by the political blocs, nor shall ask any name of them to the parliamentary vote, and has to accept the other, especially if we know that the Prime Minister aware of the nominations some political blocs, mean subordination to these blocks, even if they are not associated with this organizational link blocs or political, in all cases, the prime minister is the owner of the authority, but he has to looking for independence and availability in each candidate, put his name to a vote in parliament