Iraq considered appropriate $ 60 oil price

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Take Iraq, the price of $ 60 a barrel appropriate global oil prices.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, in a press statement that "our estimate of the budget in 2016 was based on a price of $ 45 a barrel," stressing that "any rise above these prices used state resources and whenever more than $ 60 will reflect positively on the Iraqi economy."

It is said that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries plans to hold a meeting next Sunday (17th of this April) in Qatar to discuss the agreement in principle to freeze the level of production of oil-exporting countries in the organization when the month of January of this year.

Analysts say that the reason for the relative recovery of oil prices, which rose above $ 40 for an upcoming meeting.

Iraq announced on 22 March from his participation in the Doha conference, but he suggested at the same time - if it does not get Ag- reducing the production of 2-5% of the production in order to support oil prices positive. "

The Ministry of Oil ,, that "Iraq is bound to any agreement aims to support oil prices and the adoption of a freeze production at the level of last January in which our production was 3.757 million barrels per day."