High Nassif explains what happened with the Kurdish deputies in the parliament before the fight hands


Information Office of the Deputy High Nassif denied accusations by some malevolent, promoted as being abused to the martyrs of the Anfal during the parliamentary session today.

Media Office said told Nun news reporting: "Some MPs Kurds and found a number of paintings that bear their names broken and stirred considerable controversy because of them, saying they represent the Kurdish component and the martyrs and Anfal break these paintings abuse to the martyrs of the Anfal."

He explained: "The MP Nassif took the initiative to break the painting bearing the name for the purpose of resolving the controversy, saying that Iraq's problems can not be reduced to broken plates and we are all our martyrs, both in the former regime or the time the victims of terrorism."

He added: "The MP Nassif surprised emotionally Kurdish MP Rankin hysterically and its throwing a water bottle at an MP Nassif, accusing it of being abused to the martyrs of the Anfal, then the statements released through the Kurdish satellite television which said the MP Nassif enemy of the Kurdish people and spoke words racist abomination full of lies and incitement."

The Information Office of the Deputy Nassif: "There are many witnesses who were present near the place testify that Rep. Rankin is the aggressor verbally and by hand, and it promotes the lies," noting: "These lies and fabrications to Atntala on the Iraqi street, various factions, Vhabl lying Short always" .

Agency Nun special