Shawki: Block citizen does not support the sit-ins of Representatives

The number of visits: 101 Published on: 13/4/2016, 20:08 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

MP announced a mass citizen Salim Chawki, Wednesday, said his bloc does not support the sit-ins conducted by some MPs in the parliament, but it is not against it, while noting the need to resort to the constitutional and legal means.

Shawki said in a press statement that "the mass of citizens is not with the sit-ins conducted by some deputies inside the Dome of the House of Representatives, but it is not against the sit-ins."

"The bloc believes that the House of Representatives represents the highest authority in the country and has the means to pressure many Khmlat collecting signatures and others to dismiss any official they deem inappropriate or did not lead its functions optimally."

He MP for the coalition of citizen that "the mass of citizens with a radical and comprehensive reform in all aspects of the state and government institutions."