MP Iyad al - Shammari: Tomorrow emergency session of parliament to vote on the dismissal of Salim al - Jubouri

2016-04-13 04:17:55 | (Voice of Iraq) - Najaf / Saif al - Shammari

A member of the Iraqi parliament from the Liberal bloc , Iyad al - Shammari said Tuesday that on Thursday the parliament will hold an emergency session to vote on the dismissal of President of the Council , Salim al.

Al - Shammari said in a press statement that the meeting tomorrow will be chaired by the oldest MP, Rep Iskandar and berries to vote on the dismissal of al - Jubouri.

Shammari said that more than 150 deputy held a sit - in on the floor of Parliament have expressed their categorical rejection of the document provided by the political blocs , which was built on the basis of Mahasshalhzbah and sectarianism and sitters MPs are demanding to provide cabin ministerial far from the quota system.

He called al - Shammari the rest of the House of Representatives to join with the House of Representatives to stand sitters Musharraf 's attitude towards their country.