And berries: tomorrow convene an emergency session of the House of Representatives, under my leadership

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Announced for security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Iskandar and berries, Tuesday, 115 deputies, "Mentvdha" decided "dismissal" of the three presidencies, while announced that the parliament will be held tomorrow morning, "an emergency meeting under his chairmanship."

He and berries that "the Presidency of the Parliament session of parliament today as the management wants to dismantle the government," he said, adding that "the members of the House of Representatives did not receive CVs of candidates tablets within the new ministerial cabin."

He and berries, that "most of the candidates, and 75%, belonging to the parties and we reject the nomination of parties and refusing to quotas until the Kurds did not change their bags, and this weak government," adding that a "delay between the Speaker and the Prime Minister for that rose up members of the House and decided to dismiss three presidencies signed 115 parliamentarians. "

And between Tut, that "tomorrow will be an emergency session of parliament was held at eleven am," pointing out that "the members of the House of Representatives of the protesters vote for me to manage the presidency of the Council."