Minister of Labour: The Ministry established approach relies .. e-governance in the inclusion of the poor

Dated: Tuesday 04/12/2016 7:50

Iraq today / Osama Muthana
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs - Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, said that "the ministry of new and systematic inclusion of a mechanism adopted in the registration of the poor through the application form, to the inclusion of subsidy stomach social protection, according to the new Law No. 11 of 2014".
The Sudanese during his inspection of the Information Technology Center to receive citizens registered data for the inclusion of social protection two days ago: "The ministry launched the initial application form free of charge to all citizens in Baghdad and the provinces," With regard to the advantages of this mechanism, we read: "This mechanism provides an opportunity to accommodate up to ( 400) a person or a family, according to the federal budget for 2016 allocations ", either the electronic form" will provide accurate data and ease of presentation, instead of waiting for citizens and would stand in queues in front of the social protection departments, to provide a comprehensive social protection program ", and Mataataha the previous paragraph: "the citizen can prove its data through the electronic interface to the Ministry of Labour, according to the form prepared for that purpose." The most important security features of the new mechanism, according to the minister: "The new mechanism will cut off the road in front of some spoilers or commentators who take advantage of such a case, and warn citizens against being lulled by calls by the weak people and commentators who are trying to sell the form or obtaining amounts of them in exchange for arranging admissions mechanism", the minister also pledged that: "the ministry is through media channels and means of communication, will be on direct contact and communication with the citizens, to stand on the most important negatives that may accompany this process," the minister to express his pride ministry this step, being "establish electronic governance related to the citizens, the trend comes as part of the government to simplify procedures, "and conclude with the Minister of Labour:" the ministry is founded on a database, it will be the basis and starting point for all state institutions in the preparation of strategic plans and development and economic. "