Oh Committee on Culture: From culture to be a national day .. International Day of birth

Dated: Tuesday 04/12/2016 7:54

Tariq Harb - legal expert
What was published by some Baghdadi newspapers on 04.10.2016 of the statement to the Chairperson of the Commission of Culture and Information in the Parliament, which stated that there was disagreement over the pricing of Iraqi National Day, we say that the National Day of the Iraqi state, is the day of the birth of this country, according to international law, a day 10/03/1932 m, which represents the greatest day in the history of Iraq,
Since that day, the state was born in the world her name Iraq, became the state sequence 57 in the census of the world, where the number of countries in the world 56 countries that morning, becoming 57 in the evening, and general after the issuance of the League of Nations, which was acting as the Board's decision similar to the role of the UN Security Council the current and the text of the resolution reads as follows: (after consultation between the members of the league Council on 3/10 / .1932 Council unanimously approved the termination of the Mandate in Iraq, and accepted as a member of the league of Nations).
So Iraq's transition from territory under the British Mandate .. Like many regions such as Syria and Lebanon .. and that was imposed on it under league Act to a fully sovereign state, because the international law and the Charter of the League of Nations, they are not considered regions subject to the assignment, such as Iraq states, does not grant this law this Charter, statehood, including the rights and privileges of non-member states of the League of Nations, and thus became Iraq that day, independent state number 57, has all the rights and benefits available to states in international law, like Britain and France, and so was this occasion lady occasions and pleased, and it was the day a public holiday, more than all the other national political events, because to this day of sanctity, there are no other days, he is on Iraq and on the Iraqis, can not be compared to this day, any other occasion, but on 14 / July / 1958 , it is the day that began the erosion of Iraq as a state, the day that led us to where we are today - the year 2016, as was the July 14 coup and the overthrow of the monarchy, the beginning of military coups, and the cause of the arrival of Saddam and the other to power and governance. It is true that the late Abdul Karim Kassem, was the model of a just and fair, but the coup has been encouraging for many coups followed, Suffice it to compare the case of our country in no neighboring country where the coup did not happen, such as Saudi Arabia, we have Iraq was a master of the Middle East, by virtue of his leadership of the Baghdad Pact in 1955, located in the capital of Iraq, and controls the other countries of the alliance, such as Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, politically, scientifically and economically, and it was Jordan, Iraqi colony virtue Arab Hashemite Union in 1958, where he was the king of Iraq, chairman of Jordan, Iraq, the Union, and it was Nuri Pasha Said - Prime Minister of the Union and that Iraq bear 80% of Jordan's expenses, also it decided to Union this constitution, and the Iraqi oil exports, outweigh the Arab countries together, and the annual budget of more than the budgets of the Arab countries combined, and the Iraqi student (king of Ghazal), has entered the Iraqi Medical College 1933 before the morning of Sheikh Daoud three years .. while the student Arabia did not enter the elementary school until the year 1970, and the Iraqi institutes focus of attention of the citizens of countries in the region, and the economic boom is very great, was the first cement plant in the Middle East .. a cement plant Regent Prince Abdul Ilah Al-Rasheed camp in, not even the evolution arrived in this country to have been the opening of two bridges in one day, two imams bridge and bridge high Queen (bridge Republic) 1957 m long and comparison