Front Faili statement about radical change and comprehensive reform

April 12, 2016 6:10
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Political Bureau of the front Faili On 04/03/2016 held a joint meeting with its organizations and cadres and representatives in the areas of Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces to coincide with the thirty-sixth anniversary of Martyr's Day Feeli, where the meeting discussed the latest developments and the developments of the political process in Iraq, which is witnessing at present mobility popular and socially embodied peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins rallies demanding change and reform and the fight against corruption and the abolition of sectarian quota system, participants confirmed the necessity of the establishment of real democracy which is based on ensuring the rights of the Iraqi people mentioned in the preamble to the Constitution, especially the component Feeli oppressed who suffer from exclusion and marginalization, and embark on comprehensive reforms and securing sought justice and building the rule of law to ensure the merits of constitutional and legal component and represent the fair in the state institutions and national balance, and to live up reforms to resolve the injustice accumulated against Mkonnena once and for all, which is not addressed, unfortunately, over the life of successive Iraqi governments on power since the date of 9/4/2003 and curb now, the meeting stressed the need to represent the academic and scientific competence and functional expertise of our Feeli component in governmental and administrative changes are anticipated.

Turn the Political Bureau and Secretariat of the Front, said during the meeting mentioned above ... that the front Faili is on track to achieve the gains legitimate component, which has been a continuous series of meetings and meetings and exchange of visits and continuous delegations with political parties and parliamentary blocs, which are all stressed the standing supervisor with maturities Faili and expressed its full readiness to offer support and assistance in various fields and levels, and provide direct contact and coordination channels, also expressed a desire seriousness familiarized themselves with the biographies of the candidates Alfilien to government and functional positions, and has reviewed and provided our front model set the value of the Faili figures venerable and trustworthy, credible and won respect and appreciation once put forward and propose, and point to focus our demands during this important political meetings on the need for representation Feeli and attending actor in the ministries and independent bodies related to the removal of the bad effects of the Faili component and re-consideration to the varying levels of functional and management are (chief of - the Deputy Minister - adviser - private degree - Director General), especially in the three presidencies and the Supreme Judicial Council and the ministries (Foreign Affairs, Interior, Finance, justice, labor and Social Affairs, and Displacement and migration) and independent bodies and departments not associated with the Ministry (the Supreme national Commission for accountability and justice, and the martyrs Foundation, the foundation of political prisoners, and security services) ... and did not rest on our Resumes base Informatics and electronic archives documented ... as initiated by the political Bureau and the Secretariat of the formation of an ad hoc committee in the Faili front of qualified and experienced for the purpose of receiving and scrutiny CVs submitted by the sons of the component, and we are working to study the CVs and verify the correctness of the information and the preparation of an integrated database in this regard to be ready at any time and submit them to the concerned authorities.

We take this opportunity to approach our front Faili call to the sisters and brothers Faili Distinguished for the purpose of reviewing the front seat and submit their CVs, and we continue to service and tender in all sincerity and loyalty for the sake of victory and justice for the victims and the oppressed does not offer promises and concessions at all and auctions but do what we can in order to establish and consolidate Faili rights inherent in "the right to take not given," and God for success.

Maher Feeli / Secretary-General of the Front Faili