Is the government today constitute or be delayed to Thursday? (Conflicting positions) impede the resolution of the Government of (Altknuktl) .. and the Supreme Council warns of last - minute surprises

2016-04-12 12:39:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Orient

Observers of the political situation stressed that no public announcement of any specific agreements on the new government formation and the time during the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to a meeting , which was held the first Sunday evening and with the absence of the Sadrists and the Kurds , who boycotted the meeting, it means that the presidencies and the leaders of the blocks undecided , especially since the cabinet reshuffle Parliament rapporteur announced that the Tuesday session without voting on the candidates of the political blocs Minister and Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , who was rejected most of the candidates by the competent parliamentary committees. Although the meeting was devoted to research and document the National Reform to determine the country out of the current crisis path , but it seems that the crisis will continue to other days , especially since some of the political blocs Kalthalv Kurdistan did not submit their candidates to fill their allocated ministries. The MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Abdel Azim Ajman, on Monday, that the House will vote (after tomorrow) Thursday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the new ministers put themselves political blocs to Ebadi during the next two days, while the announced presence lingered merging ministries announced Abadi decision . He Ajman that " the political blocs agreed with the Prime Minister to retain ministerial representation as in the current government, through the provision of three candidates technocrats blocks each minister represented, while the prime minister to choose one of three candidates for each ministry and bring them to the parliament to vote on them Thursday ( the day after tomorrow)". He added that " the political blocs also agreed to postpone the decision of the Prime Minister on the integration of ministries announced by the House of Representatives." Noting that " the new government formation will ensure that each political bloc ministerial representation in the current government, but that will be the new minister characterized as technocrats to run his ministry." And Healing " The alliance of the Iraqi forces and the National Alliance ended their selection phase Marchihama the new government, while the Kurdistan Alliance , a coalition of national and their candidates has not been decided yet." He pointed out that " the day (tomorrow) Wednesday will be the last date for submission of candidates to Abadi blocs." For his part , the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana, on Monday, about the reasons for the non - inclusion Ministerial cabin on the parliament 's agenda at Tuesday 's meeting. He pointed out that al - Abadi will hold a joint meeting with the Presidium of the Parliament before the start of the session. He said Youkhana said that " the parliamentary committee charged with studying the biographies of the candidates have not yet completed full review of the biography, as well as the non - completion of the special character of the candidate reports about its acceptability to assume certain ministerial portfolio or not," adding that " the political blocs still continue to meet to come up with complete confidence toward cabin provided. " He added that " the reasons mentioned disrupted the inclusion of the agenda of the ministerial cabin next hearing process, as will be voted on once the House of Representatives to review the CVs of candidates." With regard to the Kurdistan Alliance MP has unveiled capable happy that the Kurds vote on the new ministerial cabin is provided that includes genuine participation , which represents 20%. He added that "so far the Kurds did not provide alternative candidates, but on Tuesday there will be changes , " stressing that " the Kurdistan Alliance will vote on the new ministerial cabin as it includes genuine participation component Kurdi , a 20%" no three ministers among the 16 ministers. He said that "It is possible to waive the Kurds from the Ministry of Finance in the Ministry if they receive another sovereign." The Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri , had confirmed that the prime minister Haidar al - Abbadi is authorized to accept or reject any of the candidates provided by the political blocs. He called on all political parties to submit candidates, within the standards set by the prime minister, stressing the need to be change including , without exception, in the midst of discussions and dialogues political blocs A member of the parliamentary call block, were part of the coalition of state law, Abbas al - Bayati, on Monday, that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, will present 17 ministries, and that after the cancellation of the integration of the Ministry of Finance with the planning, warning that some blocs insist on the survival of the government cabin 22 ministers, to ensure the survival of its stake. Bayati said that " the meeting of the political blocs with the three presidencies yesterday I was the first and will be followed by other meetings , " noting that "some political blocs did not attend the technical and obligations of reasons, and some have a contrary position to deal blocs." " The Dawa party will have a presence at future meetings and did not interrupt for a boycott, we are with the global change and the lack of quotas , " stressing that " the prime minister is sticking by 17 ministry , which had wanted 16, but after the financial dismantling of planning became 17 ministries." However , to say that "some of the blocks in the framework of the quota system insists on 22 ministries," Msttrda " I do not mind the nomination of ministers and political blocs, but you must be qualified and better than the list of al - Abadi, and provide minister is not exclusive to one side and not the other." But a spokesman for the Supreme Islamic Council, Hamid burdensome, it was revealed, on Monday, all the political blocs agreed in their meetings about the reforms and the ministerial change on "two basic points , " noting that the political blocs are afraid of "surprises" that may arise on the placed cabinet reshuffle. He Almala " The meetings and consultations between the political blocs emerged in agreement on two main points; namely commitment Ptoukitat cabinet reshuffle, as well as non - Alantahabi maturity of each political bloc exceeded , " adding that "there is fear among most of the political blocs for surprises has been lengthened cabinet reshuffle."