Naji Sabri reveals "the east , " the file of compensation scandals and the systematic looting of the wealth of Iraq (3)

2016-04-12 12:42:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - moderated dialogue: Jaber al - Harami

* Atrocities and scandals included in the file of compensation and systematic plundering of the riches of Iraq 91-2003

* Bushes rotation to kill Iraqis and we were for four major attacks in the era of the Democrats

* We will not forget told Albright that the continuation of sanctions is worth the death of half a million Iraqi children

* ElBaradei carried the American agenda and lied to the Arabs and the world was looking for something that knows it does not exist

* Arab civil society defied the blockade operates aircraft for solidarity with the Iraqi people

* ElBaradei did not say that Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction, saying only that we have not found

* ElBaradei 's report Tlagafh Gen. Colin Powell for a resolution of the Security Council to go to war

* Claims and forged documents provided by the United States for ElBaradei to be designated before the Security Council

* America practiced fraud to promote a misleading documents ElBaradei could not be verified

* Pages in the report by the Chief Inspector Abu Shadi confirm that Iraq is free of weapons but deliberately concealed ElBaradei

Moderated dialogue: Jaber al - Harami
Prepared for publication: Taha Hussein Abdul Hamid Qutb

The fall of Baghdad and the occupation was not in the 9/4/2003 ordinary day for the Arab nation, is the first Arab capital is occupied again in the twenty first century.

What is happening today in the Arab reality of the regional repercussions, multiple projects are competing to acquire the stakes of our Arab land in the absence of any Arab project and the disintegration of the Arab system .. is only a product of the transformation that has occurred the fall of Baghdad.

But this fall or occupation did not suddenly come, but rather was the result of historic and strategic mistake committed by the Iraqi leadership in the 2/8/1990 In doing crime invasion of Kuwait, and the violation of its sovereignty, which is like a blow to the system of Arab action, and created an opportunity for the intervention of foreign powers in the region, and then the destruction of the State of the size of Iraq, to facilitate the subsequent occupation, which is what happened after years of siege, was that Baghdad fell in 2003 - April.

There is much that has been said and written about the Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait, there are many also who is said and written about the period of the siege, which lasted from 1991 to the day of the fall of Baghdad in 2003, but it is certain that it is a contemporary of the Ayesh invasion of Kuwait stage and the fall of Baghdad, passing through a period of siege and its aftermath , and he suffered from the bombing of Iraq renewed, and destructive attacks for more than five times .., he has something to say.

Dr. Naji Sabri, the last foreign minister of Iraq under President Saddam Hussein is a testament to the critical stage prevailed in Iraq.

* HE Dr., do you disagree US engagement with the Iraqi file between partisan presidential Democratic and Republican , and especially as it penalizes the American administration during the Iraq crisis , one co ​​- democratic "Clinton" and the other a Republican , "Bush"?

- We did not feel a difference between the two departments , there are four major US - led attacks on Iraq under President Bill Clinton between the beginning of 1993 and beginning of 2001, and continued US aircraft in the custody of the violation of Iraq 's territory. In his reign Congress the so - called law of "liberating Iraq" is in fact issued a law regulating the US efforts to liberate Iraq from his family, sovereignty, security and political independence. And he continued to reign drain the energies of Iraq and surround and lethality of his people. Iraqis Almncefon of the American Civil organizations against the Blockade and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told not forget to stick to the policy of sanctions (ie siege) deserves the death of half a million Iraqi children as the rotation of the Republicans to kill Iraqis.

Q : How was the Arab environment interaction with you in this period .. Was there a real solidarity , or what?

- Then the Arab situation was on two levels, official and popular, and the last reactive with Iraq and with the crisis and the difficulties encountered and pushing the rescue of Iraq and its support in the face of the injustice of the US military campaign, an intimate and honest interaction, while the official level Security Council resolutions America and strong British pressure prevented the governments of the countries Arab of the full interaction with Iraq.

Arab civil society

* Is there an official Arab initiatives to lift the siege and access to the Iraqi people who suffered the most suffering?

- A year after 96 Arab civil society organizations began flies to Iraq in clear breach of the blockade imposed on the people of the Security Council resolutions and the power of the sword of Damocles of the United States and Britain. The members of these aircraft are coming to Iraq in solidarity with the Iraqi people, but notice that the Arab people will not stand by and watch the tragedy.

Although these procedures were simple, they were upset the Americans and British a lot, because they consider it a sign of the collapse of the blockade.

ElBaradei lie

* But ElBaradei after he returned to Egypt after the revolution of January 25 Try searching for popular and was repeating it stood against the will of America and Britain did not give them what resorting to in the invasion .. and it was announced in the Security Council that Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction?

- ElBaradei Iraq free of weapons of mass destruction did not say, but he said "we have not found , " and this means that there are hidden issues, requiring pressure on Iraq over, and that the International Committee should continue, in the sense that it says I searched the house but did not find weapons, but that does not It means to be free, and may be Okhvath somewhere.

* Will was standing against the will of the Americans as an Arab solidarity with the Iraqi people and feel Bmosath or was like all agency managers a tool for the CIA?

- If we take into account is he did not have anything, because the nuclear file , which is supposed to inspect it closed and ended since 92, because the nuclear facilities is not something small , we can hide, unlike chemical or biological, which could hide it , and there are a lot of inspectors non - Iraqi said frankly "over the nuclear file, and this speech 92 years."

Before the aggression

Q : How was the report submitted by ElBaradei before the aggression?

- ElBaradei presented a report to the Security Council on January 9, 2003 for the full and complete declaration submitted by Iraq on 6/12/2002 included 11,807 in response to Security Council resolution 1441 about Chehr.okan declaration before a comprehensive for everything related to weapons programs since the beginning pages. ElBaradei presented a report to the Security Council on 09.01.2003 in letter in which he said: "Iraq is not so far provided new information of importance on its nuclear program , the former in 1991, in respect of the following activities during the period from 1991 to 1998 .... documents submitted did not include Related concerns and questions pending since 1998 the agency information, and in particular the design of nuclear weapons and the central issues of centrifuges. "

What ElBaradei Tlagafh Gen. Colin Powell US Secretary of State , and used it in his presentation prolonged famous before the Security Council on 05.02.2003 when the United States is trying the third to push the Security Council to pass a resolution giving international legitimacy to the project for the invasion and occupation of Iraq , he said: "We have requested a this session today for two purposes, the first is to support the core assessments made ​​by Mr. Blix and Mr. ElBaradei .... as stated in the report of Mr. ElBaradei that Iraq 's declaration of 7 December did not provide any new information related to certain issues have been outstanding since 1998).

ElBaradei in Tehran!

Thus announced the Security Council in its review of the conditions of inspection on 14.2.2003 , it is stated: "we have not found yet any evidence to carry nuclear activities or related prohibited nuclear activities in Iraq, but a number of issues are still under investigation and we are not yet in a position It allows us to reach a conclusion about them. " It is strange that ElBaradei after the presentation of this report in the same week he went to Tehran, and there is said: " I did not accomplish after our work in Iraq, and they do not cooperate with us fully."

On 03/07/2003 ElBaradei attended the Security Council for the last meeting once before the invasion and display a report on the progress of the Agency 's work in Iraq, devoted the bulk of it to talk about the allegations and false documents submitted to him by America and spent a long time in verified despite easy detection of forgery, such as buying Iraq 's aluminum tubes and magnets for use in enrichment , centrifugal and buy uranium ore from Niger, and finished his speech to confirm his need for more time and intention to continue its inspections, and called on countries to provide more information about Iraq 's previous programs to check them out, saying: "three months of inspections after SPAM did not find, as yet, no indication or reasonably refers to the revival of a nuclear weapons program in Iraq , and we intend to continue our inspection. "

Thus ElBaradei gave reason to doubt the United States and Britain fabricated the existence of banned Iraqi programs, did not specify the horizon to finish his work, and spent a lot of time and effort and Iraqi money to check for forged documents and false claims , he should reject them at first glance. For example , the document forged that claim to import Iraqi crude uranium from Niger in the late nineties, which talked about Bush 's son in more than one occasion and including in his annual State of the Union in 2003, ElBaradei did not bother to submit the document for forensic examination to check forgery , which was rigged easy revealed. Instead , he sent to Iraq and one of the inspection teams after the other and demanded that Iraq submit the signatures of all Guenaslh models in its embassies during the nineties, and summoned the Deputy Foreign Minister , retired professor and Sam Zahawi resident at the time in Jordan for interrogation about his tour of some African countries in 1999 and settled in his speech to the Council Security on 03/07/2003 by saying: "the documents that refer to Iraq 's purchase of uranium from Niger have no basis in truth."

America is exerting fraud

Imagine if just one page of the thousands of pages submitted by Iraq in a comprehensive declaration and the final in December / December 2002 they include a forged document or misleading information, you would accept ElBaradei Blakas is behind them American and British governments of this to say, or do they Siqlpon minimum screaming about ( the challenge Iraq to the international community and deliberate fraud, deception and violating Security Council resolutions , etc.)? "but when the US administration and its president practiced fraud publicly blind eye to them. the same thing happened with the claim of America 's purchase of Iraq magnets for use in the enrichment of the Central Btard device, here also , ElBaradei said he has not been available evidence of the validity of this claim, but has not closed the matter , but promised that "remains the subject of Iraq 's efforts purchasing replace a thorough investigation will be conducted further verification soon."

Hours before the invasion, the Security Council held a session, did not attend ElBaradei, but his report to the Council reaffirmed recall what he used to call ( the outstanding issues and the elements of concern) in Iraq 's past nuclear program, he said: "Since December 1998 there were no disarming of unresolved issues in the the nuclear field, but there are a number of questions and concerns about Iraq 's past nuclear program, though the provision by Iraq of clarifications which will reduce the degree of uncertainty in the completion of the agency 's knowledge and understanding, particularly on the issue of uncertainty about the progress made ​​in nuclear weapons design in the development of centrifuges due to the lack of supporting documents. "

Complicity ElBaradei

A statement reveals the background of this report reveal beyond any doubt ElBaradei collusion with the American plan for the invasion of Iraq after meeting hours. Stated Chief Inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency , Dr "applies Abu Shadi" that he participated in the writing of the report submitted by ElBaradei to the Security Council, he said: "We wrote in the report that Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction, and does not have the ability, nor can a nuclear weapon, and we recommended that Iraq emerges from under your Chapter VII sanctions, and before the arrival of the report to the Security Council the language and the wording changed, and that ElBaradei is why change the report before it was delivered to the Security Council. "

Malaga Amiriyah in Baghdad was bombed by US war planes 91 and burned it to the death of 355 elderly people , women and children

Missions of destruction

It is useful to recall that the International Atomic Energy Agency mission under Security Council resolution 687 on 03.04.1991 is the destruction of the nuclear material in Iraq, removed or rendered harmless and carry out inspections to verify Iraq 's declarations and create a system for continuous monitoring to ensure Iraq's compliance with its obligations. International Atomic Energy Agency has completed the task of destruction and inspections in Iraq since 1992, and announced that a large nuclear inspectors at the agency and the head of its inspection Italian expert , Mr. Zferero on 02/09/1992 text: "that Iraq 's nuclear program now stands at zero." In October / October 1993 signed by the Iraqi side with a nuclear team an agreement to close the file and start the inspection phase continuous monitoring by the Iraq hand over purchases centrifuge file. Iraq has done so. It was supposed to inform the IAEA of the Security Council of this fact and stop inspection activities and turn the Agency 's efforts to continuous monitoring. But that until the US invasion of Iraq did not happen, because the end of the inspection and the closure of Iraq 's nuclear program means a file opened lifting the total siege imposed on Iraq maturity, also it means stop using the pretext of Iraq 's nuclear weapons cover for military aggression against Iraq.

Mission unaccomplished

Therefore continued all ElBaradei reports (and before Blix) to talk about "mission unaccomplished and outstanding questions and documents incomplete and potential sources of concern" and often ends with the words "We found no evidence of prohibited nuclear activities yet." It is clear that reports the end of words (yet) mean that the job is open to the end, and that there is a possibility to find activities prohibited to continue the inspection. In October / October 1993 signed by the Iraqi side with a nuclear team agreement stipulates that when the Iraqi side delivered purchases centrifuge file close inspection file and start the continuous monitoring phase. It was supposed to inform the IAEA of the Security Council of this fact and stop inspection activities and turn the Agency 's efforts to constant surveillance, but that 's up to the US invasion of Iraq did not happen, because the end of the inspection and the closure of Iraq 's nuclear program means a file opened lifting the total siege imposed on Iraq maturity, also it means to stop the use of the pretext of (Iraq 's nuclear weapons) cover for military aggression against Iraq.

Did not do that ElBaradei and his argument worse and more bizarre than done, when he said to justify deny the truth and the truth and the mandate and conscience that the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Special Committee in charge of removing weapons programs of chemical, biological and missiles are like horses driving one vehicle and must Asla together to aim, and as long as the Special Committee have more inspections is committed to waiting for terminating their work! .

Committees SPAM

ElBaradei has worked to expand the powers of inspection committees SPAM after the approval of Iraq on 16/9/2002 on the return of the inspectors and the adoption of Security Council resolution 1441 on 11.08.2002. He was invoked as a way to gain the world 's confidence in the credibility of the inspection. Iraq , he agreed reluctantly, deployment of ElBaradei 's inspectors across the country, view , and with them the latest equipment to detect any nuclear activity, and started publishing air traffic control system is not in history unparalleled to detect everything that lies above or below ground and includes six levels begin satellite get tangled constant high wing height and other medium - altitude aircraft and helicopters and airplanes march ends low rise.

Baby milk factory in Baghdad was bombed by US aircraft , claiming that chemical weapons factory

After all he authorized ElBaradei to British newspaper The Guardian on 31/3/2010 , saying that all his reports about what he called ( the disarmament of Iraq) in the run -up to the Iraq war was drafted in a way that "fortified against misuse by governments" !!. Then over in his memoirs about the occupation of Iraq that this moment was the worst day in his life, he said , "I should have screamed more"! I do not know what prevented him from it. Why the whole world cried out against the US - British invasion process of brutal illegal independent sovereign nation of Iraq and humanitarian organization and a leading Arab - Islamic civilization to civilization? Why cried many senior United Nations officials from most notably two of the Secretary - General of the United Nations aide who resigned in protest against the injustice of the United Nations for Iraq, and dozens of Westerners highest officials of voices condemning the invasion, while ElBaradei could not Arab Muslim jurist that "screaming" to the truth , and the truth .

11 thousand pages

* Reported that Iraq 's declaration of the final component of more than 11 thousand pages. What to Include a report of this magnitude?

- Full and complete final declaration prepared by Iraqi experts and specialists includes everything about the weapons programs and all the details, from the starting point to the date of submission, and includes thousands of documents.

Q : What was their response to you?

- They say the Iraqi declaration did not bring anything new !. What 's New If this is the reality? What can we do to please not tell them the truth with all the detailed aspects? But they were not searching for the truth but for excuses to prolong the criminal blockade and to provide justification for the Americans and the British for more pressure and attacks up to the invasion.

* Why do you endured on this deal provocative by the inspection committees?

- For the sword of sanctions and blockade , which was hanging over the neck of Iraq, it was subject to inspection committees to declare that Iraq has accomplished what asked him, and that he no longer had any weapons, materials or programs is prohibited under Security Council resolution 678 (1991). It was such a notification that opens the door to the implementation of paragraph 22 of this resolution that would allow Iraq to resume oil exports, and opens the door for the implementation of paragraph 21 of the same resolution that leads to lifting the blockade on Iraq or diluted. The thousands of Iraqis are dying every month from starvation and disease as a result of the continuation of the siege and shelling of the US and UK planes. So what can we do? Speaking of the bombing of the American and British planes to Iraq frequent mention that former US President George W. Bush responded to journalists who flocked him to inquire about the reason for the air attack on Baghdad in early 2001 , saying: "This is a routine matter"! . So , then, the bombing of the capital of other independent and sovereign state and the attack on the unsuspecting population is routine in the eyes of the President of the United States , which always occupies a seat on the Security Council in charge of maintenance of international peace and security.

Iran has not besieging

* But Iran came to what you place him , however missed the opportunity so that does not happen with them , as happened with you?

- Iran has never been exposed to like what we were him, it was waged against all- out war , as happened with Iraq in 1991 and did not hit the thousands of rockets six times in the period of the cease-fire , as we hit, and did not impose a crippling blockade comprehensive as the one imposed on us, were fired by a single bullet and it did not subjected to a war of attrition day for more than 13 years of exposure to the destruction and bombing a day where she was scouring the skies of American and British aircraft, and choose what you want from the sites, and the goals to be beaten.

Offbeat system

Q : What about the compensation imposed by the Security Council system, and whether he was already a way to drain the wealth of Iraq?

- The first reference to the issue of compensation caused by the Iraqi military intervention in Kuwait from damage to Kuwait and third parties have been received in the Security Council Resolution 670 (1990) , who carried Iraq 's legal responsibility under international law. He returned to remind the Security Council by its resolution 686 (1991). Iraq has declared its acceptance to assume legal liability for compensation in accordance with the rules of international law applicable.

But the resolution 687 (1991) came offbeat and weird system for practices in international law for compensation in such cases. The Security Council also conferred the same decision under the jurisdiction to consider the claims and adjudicated a power that he does not deserve and did not delegated to it by the Charter of the United Nations, for being one of the terms of reference of the International Court of Justice. Practices followed in international law requires a consensual solution between the two countries concerned, or in the event of disagreement that they should go to the International Court of Justice is the first judicial arm of the international organization. So that was the compensation committee , established by the Council under this resolution and connected by exercising politicization of legal issues purely with the aim of further damage to harm the state of Iraq and impeding any effort to rebuild what was demolished and devastated by the war and prevent them from thinking about development and thus further impoverishing the Iraqi people . And so were the Compensation Commission practices incursion into prevent Iraq from exercising his right to defend himself before the judicial authority assumed by the Council without the right. The Commission did not give Iraq enough time to prepare for the hearings, and then not have the resources to draw on international lawyers respond by allegations claimants. And it was barely manages travel legal experts Iraqis to New York to plead for Iraq and the response in the short time in front of them on thousands of false and sensational claims ridiculous. Compensation twice among a large number of these claims and models of the Security Council deliberate draining of Iraq 's resources and waste agreement with the government repeating compensation in 575 claims any pay twice for the same claim!

. There embassy of a foreign country in Kuwait got rid of the military equipment that had been held by demanded to Iraq for compensation, and the Ambassador of the State sent his family on vacation in Australia for the duration of the crisis and demanded the state of Iraq also bear the long holiday expenses, and the embassies of certain countries , in some countries in the region and in the occupied territory called Iraq compensating what is spent in the crisis period. Many models on the depletion of the resources of Iraq. Including the Security Council to the rule of the Kuwaiti National Committee for Missing more than it requested Unlike legal principles generally accepted. Where he demanded that the State of Kuwait , regardless the amount (.452, 76 858 (US $ sentenced by the Security Council to (153,462,000) dollars , more than twice and half the amount requested by the plaintiff and the explicit violation of legal principles Valmdei is estimated harm and determines the amount which asks for compensation for such damage. opulence * spoken and media time for Kofi Annan , the son of the Secretary - General of the United Nations, said he had received bribes in the "oil for food" program .. Are we talked about this? - we have no information about it is published and therefore can not be certain of it, because the administrative and financial matters of the program were not at our disposal, but under the Secretariat of the United Nations administration. but as I said earlier, the United Nations agencies in Iraq , officials and those involved in Iraq, were taking the food from the mouths of the Iraqis, Phippzkhoun and wasting money which was deducted from Iraq 's resources and given to the armies of the tractor of them. they considered their presence in Iraq , "leave" for fun and well - being, they get huge salaries. It was this committee rejects the ongoing run of Iraqis in the work of the United Nations offices in Iraq , our claims , particularly that Iraq is full of competencies. they were come the staff of these commissions and agencies from outside the country, all in the course of the Iraqi people under siege funds. diplomatic battle * but how managed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry , the diplomatic battle in the Security Council and how the rug pulled out from under Colin Paul to be forced in the end Washington to go to war on Iraq without international cover and go out on the international legitimacy? And how the Iraqi diplomacy has succeeded in taking the battle to New York and to the Security Council and how it managed to pay off diplomatic preemptive strikes to the American scheme? This is what will answer him by His Excellency Dr. Naji Sabri in the next episode tomorrow, God willing.