Relationship: are keen not to falsify the Iraqi currency and surprised the dollar paydays invitations
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Central Bank Governor Ali al-allaq, on Monday, on the use of German companies to maintain paper cash, showed his concern for the lack of counterfeiting of currency by use of "complex", and expressed surprise at the invitations of staff salaries in dollars being exceeded over sovereignty, the German Ambassador in Baghdad, Eckhard said that Iraq occurrence has many ports, which "will help him cross the financial crisis".

Ali al-allaq said in his speech at a workshop with my company (IBM) and (de), specialized in German mark banknotes to counterfeiting, held yesterday in Hotel Babylon, Baghdad, and attended, (range), the Central Bank "aspires and strives to preserve cash through the paper using the latest tools and mechanisms adopted in the countries of the world," he said, adding that "our cooperation with companies is evidence of how our universe these banknote alsharktn Universally known. "

He added that "the World Bank will put a lot of tools in the Iraqi currency which take care not to forge cooperation with friends in the specialized companies," adding that "the functions of the Central Bank is organizing and applying monetary policy we passed many crises
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The relationship expressed surprise at "calls by certain persons, including politicians of using the dollar as a foreign currency in circulation among citizens mainly through the payment of salaries," returned to override sovereignty ".

He stressed that the Bank "works to keep the national currency, the dinar, is not natural neglect or sectional," strongly support ".
For his part, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors (GNC) Thomas shtotr in his speech at the workshop, "the company is working with the Central Bank closely where distinctiveness through assistance in marking security of Iraqi currency as ten thousand dinars."

Shtotr said that "the company put signs and indications of security outweigh the tags in euros", pointing out that "Iraqi dinar put those tags that are difficult to falsify it being very complex before taking on the euro," stressing, "We continuously monitor the Iraqi currency wemaitra again."

In turn, the German Ambassador in Iraq Eckhart emerge in his speech during the Conference, thanked Iraq for confident German companies ", noting that" Germany seeks to support Iraq through specialized firms urged to work in Iraq, particularly in the financial sector, possessing a long tradition of this work ".
Preveza expressed hope that "the global economic situation improves," he said, adding that "Iraq when many outlets that help him cross the financial crisis".
The CBI was announced on 11 November 2015, issuing banknotes class (50) thousand dinars, and noted that the new category is dominated by light brown color with a number of security and technical marks, confirmed that the paper included sketches of the Euphrates, Iraq marshes waterwheels.

Recall that the Governor of the Central Bank on Monday announced a relationship (February 15, 2016), the release strategy of the Central Bank for the years 2016-2020, and assured that the fired stragtegic clear vision and adopt monitoring and follow-up real financial situation, with revealing the Central Bank's intention to sell public bonds worth 7 trillion dinars this year.