Zamili Office responded to a close associate of al-Abadi Office source told the customs

Monday, April 11, 2016 - 10:10

Re Chairman of the Security Bureau and the defense of quitting, the statement, which was issued from the close of the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on customs source, while noting "the size of the discrepancy" in this statement transfused.

The office said in a statement that "after the tour of inspection of quitting and revealed the size of financial corruption in one of the checkpoints (control of the people), said a source close to al-Abadi Office did not reveal himself, that Zamili statement is intended to certain purposes, and enclose with the news picture of the Office of the Attorney Zamili book submitted by the Directorate of customs for the transfer of the post of Deputy Director of the employee. "

The office added that "of quitting is keen to open his office in front of citizens to receive their orders himself and works to provide them with assistance through addressing the concerned authorities a letter from his office, which contained a version of" We ask you kindly inform us ", adding that" this is up to the authority concerned assesses legal demand or not. "

He said the bureau "Employee (Haidar Ismail Khalil Mohammed) in the form of customs, presented a grievance to the Attorney Office requesting the intervention and remedy unchanged Like his peers to get entitlement to career progression, which is not the degree of Associate General Manager as the source claimed, but the degree of Associate Director at the Directorate of Comerk southern region / Directorate Comerk Umm Qasr. "

"The book is published (at the news of a close associate of al-Abadi) Office source, it shows that Zamili Office did not address the Customs Directorate, but addressed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and this invalidates the words of the source of the Abadi Office," explaining that "the history book Zamili goes back to the first of October 2015, and that time was then director of customs is not a director who is currently Zamili and whom he accused of financial corruption. "

The office noted, "We leave it to every citizen as mentioned, to evaluate the size of the discrepancy in the news transfused."