Keywords: careful not rigging the Iraqi currency and surprised dollar paydays calls

Author: ASJ, HH
Editor: HH

04/11/2016 12:59

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, on the use of two companies Germanies to keep the banknote, and expressed his commitment to non-rigging Iraqi currency through the use of "complex" signs, as expressed surprise at the salary payments to the dollar calls being an encroachment on the sovereignty, assured German ambassador in Baghdad, Eckhard Preveza, that Iraq has a lot of ports that "help him cross the financial crisis."

He said on the Keywords in a speech during a workshop with my company (SPM) and (G YAG), Germany's hoc marking banknotes to protect them from fraud, which was held today at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, and attended by, (long-Presse ), said that the central bank "aspires and strives to maintain the banknote through the use of the latest mechanisms and instruments adopted in the countries of the world," stressing that "our cooperation with the two companies is the best proof of the extent of our commitment to banknote the fact that these two known instances companies globally."

Keywords and added that "the bank will put a lot of tools in the Iraqi currency, which we are keen and strongly not to forge cooperation with friends in the specialized companies," noting that "from the central bank's tasks is to organize and progress monetary policy and we passed a lot of crises in this file."

In a related context Keywords expressed astonishment "of calls from some people, including politicians of using the dollar as the currency traded between foreign citizens mainly through the payment of salaries," he returned that "exceeded the sovereignty."

Keywords and stressed that the bank "is working to keep the national currency, the Iraqi dinar which it is natural or neglect cornerstone," stressing the need to "strongly support".

For his part, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the company (LG YAG) Thomas Stotr in a speech during the workshop, "The company is working with the central bank closely where excellence by helping to develop security tags for a number of Iraqi currency ten thousand dinars as a class."

Stotr explained that "the company has developed the signs and indications of security outweigh the located in the euro currency signs," pointing out that "the Iraqi dinar put those signs that are difficult to counterfeit being very complicated before they are placed on the euro," stressing at the same time, "We monitor continuously currency Iraqi Maatro them again. "

In turn, the German ambassador in Iraq, Eckhard Preveza feet in a speech during the conference, thanked "for Iraq to confidence in corporate Germany," adding that "Germany is seeking to support Iraq by urging specialized companies to work in Iraq, especially in the financial sector as has long sold out this work."

Preveza and expressed his hope that "improving the economic situation in the world," stressing that "Iraq has a lot of ports that help him cross the financial crisis."

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on the 11th of November 2015, for the issuance of banknotes category (50) thousand dinars, and as pointed out that the new category is dominated by light brown with included a number of security and technical labels, confirmed that the paper included photographs planning to paddle wheel Euphrates The marshes of Iraq.

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, announced on Monday the (15 February 2016), the launch of the strategy of the Central Bank for the years 2016 to 2020, and stressed that the strategy was launched in accordance with a clear vision and a guaranteed and adopt monitoring and real follow-up financial situation of Iraq, while the detection of torque Bank Central to the public to sell bonds worth 7 trillion dinars during this year.