Kerry told Abadi no satisfaction and Washington for "reforms formalism"

Baghdad -arac Press -11 April:

Iraqi political source described the beginning, the meeting between US Secretary of State , John Kerry, and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, last Friday, the US official 's visit to Baghdad, it was not positive at all.

The source added, " The American side through during the meeting, expressed his dissatisfaction with the reforms planned Abadi made, describing the reforms as" formalism, including a list of names put forward for the ministries and that is supposed to include persons of technocrats. "

The source continued, " The Kerry - Abadi told explicitly, that Washington knew very well that the reforms drafted, is merely a transitional phase and formality; not intended to hold accountable those responsible for corruption cases and the perpetrators of acts of violence in Iraq."

A senior Iraqi diplomat, said that " the US Embassy in Baghdad, has almost convinced that the protest demonstrations led by the radical Shiite cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr weeks ago and ended with his return from Baghdad to Najaf, without achieving the demands of the street, it was granted political blocs free opportunity to reorder its alliances again ".

He cites the diplomat who is close to the National Alliance, visiting US Secretary of State , John Kerry, and who insisted that directly down a US military plane, at an airstrip special US embassy inside the Green Zone, and not be one of the Iraqi officials in a meeting, in a sign of the depth of the crisis between the US administration political and ruling class in Bgdad.anthy (1)