Vice President warns of the strongest demonstrations in case finishes (Attoh) or reject the candidates of the new cabin


BAGHDAD / new evidence
It revealed an MP for the coalition of state law Alhbabi Nahla, from the date of the vote on the government of technocrats, as warned of stronger protests if the deadline or reject candidates for new ministerial cabins.
She Alhbabi that «the new cabinet line concerning Iraq only«, indicating that «the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry came to reduce the existing tension in the country, especially as the political situation in Iraq will be exploited by some political parties in America to influence the elections».
She said «Today the parliament will end deadline for the government«, indicating that «if the deadline or reject the candidates, the people will come out demonstrations be stronger than the previous one».
She said «there are two novels about the new government, the first Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be a new ministerial cab from the technocrats and independents nominated by parties», as pointed out that «second novel says that the sovereign ministries Strhhaa parties and therefore, it is up to the blocs and parties.»
It showed that «next Tuesday will provide the names of candidates for a vote», stressing that «these names will pass agreements blocs and parties».
She explained that «ministries which do not have indicators are accountability, justice and fairness and the rest will pass a vote either approval or rejection of».
She Alhbabi that «the Prime Minister has a number of replacements in case of rejection of the new ministerial candidates in the cabin».