Presidency: presidencies meeting discussed the formation of a political council of the Supreme strategies
21:16:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Presidency announced on Sunday that the three presidencies meeting with the leaders of blocs and political parties discussed the formation of an advisory council to discuss the Supreme strategies, as pointed out that the meeting discussed to ensure a safe and dignified return of displaced people and to begin reconstruction operations.

The presidency said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, he was "held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Thursday evening, the meeting of the three presidencies with the leaders of blocs and political parties, to discuss the document of national reform , seeking to determine the country out of the current crisis path, and deepen all the national forces cooperation on the basis of the political process and constitutional Mrtkzadtha. "

The meeting, according to the statement, "careful to maintain the supreme national interest and to meet the challenges on the level of security and the provision of services and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis to complete the final victory to organize Daash terrorist, as well as ensuring the safe and dignified return of displaced people and begin operations of reconstruction."

The statement added that " the meeting also ate ways of implementing the political, security and economic reforms , according to the strategy is consistent with the needs of the Iraqis to overcome the current crisis plans , " adding that " the meeting paid special attention to the independence of the national decision - making and the development of state institutions and to call for the participation of all the components of national and Community powers in the process of the desired reform ".

The participants also discussed, according to the statement , " the introduction of candidates for ministerial lineup coming to ensure the principle of national partnership mechanisms and choice of fulfilling the requirements of efficiency and honesty, as well as filtering mechanisms of the leaders of the independent bodies, deputy ministers and directors general, away from political quotas and favoritism."

The statement noted that " it was discussed forming a political advisory council to discuss strategies for the country 's Supreme dismantling the political tensions, as well as work on the completion of a package of important laws and regulations during the limited period of time."

The counselor in the presidency Sherwan Waeli announced earlier in the day Sunday, all three presidencies agreement during their meeting, this evening, to submit candidates for the ministries of the political blocs, and determine the three months to resolve the issue of independent bodies and positions by proxy, as pointed out that the meeting witnessed the failure to attend Sadr 's movement and a coalition of Kurdish blocs.
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