Parliamentary Aleghanoanh announce rejection of all committees of the candidates of the new ministerial cabin
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The president of the parliamentary legal committee, Mahmoud Hassan, on Sunday, for the rejection of all parliamentary committees ministerial candidates of the new cabin, presented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi names.
Hassan said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} today, "I have not heard of any committee approval for any candidate presented by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , " noting that "it was rejected by the political blocs which cost turn committees rejected." He added "There is no law authorizing the vote next Tuesday, no time limit, but the House of Representatives literary impose on himself this matter , " likely to prolong the duration of the vote on the new cabinet the cab. He is scheduled (fear)to hold three presidencies, and political leaders this afternoon an important meeting; to discuss the latest developments in the reform and the ministerial change. the House of Representatives had voted during its meeting Thursday the end of last March, to achieve comprehensive reform to end the State administration agency, which includes the bodies, agencies, ambassadors, and security positions during the month, to be resolving the selection of new ministers who presented them Prime Minister within 10 days, which ends - out next Tuesday. Over 1 h