Convert the Arab economic summit meeting to closed

Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 PM - 1:34 p.m. | Hits: 1

Is the President of the Arab Economic Summit and Trade Minister Khairallah Babiker derail media hall of the summit meeting to be converted to closed.

Babiker and asked journalists to leave the meeting room to begin discussing the topics on the agenda of the Economic Summit.

Began shortly before the Arab economic summit attended by Arab ministers of economy has been delivered to Iraq during the summit, chaired by Libya, former president of the Summit.

The Arab summit in Baghdad due on the 29th of this month, the international event the largest, organized by the country since 2003, which confirmed the Iraqi Interior Ministry that it had prepared a security plan to protect the Arab summit include multiple stages, began the implementation of part of it for several days.

Analysts said the Baghdad summit is the most important since the region is witnessing significant shifts represented by the Arab Spring upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, which saw the fall of their systems and that it is useful to convene a meeting of Arab leaders to discuss these transformations in the region