Previous Chairman of the Economic Summit: a great honor for my country Libya to take part in the Arab summit in Baghdad

Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 PM - 1:32 p.m. | Hits: 2

The head of the Arab Economic Summit and former Economy Minister Ahmed Libyan Alkohley pleased with the participation of his country's large Arab summit in Baghdad.

Alkohley said in a speech at the opening of the Arab Economic Summit in his capacity as President he was "a great honor for my country Libya to participate in the preparatory meeting for the Arab summit that it deserves in the capital, Baghdad, Iraq."

"I thank the people and the Government of Iraq on the reception and hospitality and wished all the progress and prosperity of Iraq."

He thanked "the Arab ministers for their efforts in building a walk in the Arab economy, as well as thank all who contributed to the previous Arab Summit held in Libya, which he considered good for light to get rid of the Libyan people from the former regime."

He explained that "the presidency of the summit will be delivered to the country ahead of penile freedom and get rid of the dictatorial regimes namely Iraq and we wish him Muwafaqiya and success in the presidency of the summit."

He began Tuesday afternoon Economic Conference of Ministers of Economy Arabs of Iraq have received the presidency.

And will discuss the Arab summit in Baghdad developments "Arab spring", along with traditional files, such as the Palestinian issue and the situation in Yemen and Somalia as well as create a zone free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction .

Among the most prominent the files in question, the file as it suspended the Syrian Arab League on 12 November (November) the membership of Syria, one of the founding members, in their meetings, because of the events taking place