Meeting to discuss the localization of civil servants ' salaries in private banks mechanism

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Economy News / Baghdad
Higher Committee examined the project for electronic payment and collection at a meeting on Sunday chaired by Almstcharalaguetsada Premier Mzarmohamd favor, the mechanism of localization of civil servants' salaries in the private banks after the approval of the government on this project.

He stressed Tariq Maderaltnive of the Association of Iraqi private banks, who represented the Association at the meeting that the issue of payment of salaries of employees in a manner of electronic payment will maximize state resources and contributes to Alqdhaealy administrative corruption and the reduction of its manifestations

He added that this project would reduce the cash trading by relying on the use of electronic cards and ATM, which will be published in the markets and places of vital business.

He noted that the conferees agreed on the need to start this project gradually and in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq, and transferring government employees' salaries by Bdlamn Cash bank accounts.